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Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by reginaalear, Sep 20, 2016.

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    I was told at AT&T that the bodyguard glass screen protectors work on the 6s+ and 7+. Does anyone know if that is the case with the Zagg glass? I have a new one I bought for my 6+ that I didn't put on. My phone isn't here yet so I was hoping someone might know if I need to order a new Zagg or not.
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    I also have a new Zagg Privacy screen protector that I bought for my iP6s+ and never used. I figured I could attempt to use it on my iP7+ and tried to line it up on there before installing it, and it cut off the front facing camera. I was thinking it was because if the extra long Speaker on the front but I don't feel comfortable using it. Now, I'm sporting a privacy screen protector I got from Amazon that I HATE because it's waay to thick for my taste. ICK!! :sick:

    Zagg makes a Sapphire Glass screen protector that I'm interested in but I need it to be Privacy Screen protector so I'm waiting and still using this bacon thick Privacy screen protector I got from Amazon. ICK!

    So to answer your question, it might work but will cut off your front facing camera. Unless the non privacy one is made different than the one I have.

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