ZiPhone jailbreak


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Feb 16, 2008
Just a question. Can I use ZiPhone to jailbreak an ipod 8gb also? Sounds stupid, but if u don't know, u don't know.
Yeah but you have to follow these step posted by Y-Less.

Okay. Here we go, This is a universal fix (Please follow my guide and do not change to any own direction)
  1. Put your iPod Touch in restore mode and restore to the latest version in iTunes.
  2. When done restoring please close iTunes.
    (Just close iTunes, do not end any processes or services.. Just close iTunes)
  3. Download the follow package and unzip wherever you want:
    @depthnerd : Mirror was added, Thanks:
    (Run the follow file "run.bat" TWICE!)
  4. Your iPod Touch 1.1.4 will be jailbreaked and will be installed.
    (If it fails, and that will be 10% because i've tested this on 5 different iPod Touch's today. Just follow the steps agian. If nothing happens, Please post on the forums for help).