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May you rest in peace, friend. Thank you for everything. I hope we meet again some day.
ADORING MY SPACE GRAY 256GB iPAD PRO 9.7"! LOVING MY iPHONE 6s PLUS! Needing to take my iMac back to Apple 4 repair!
I am happy that I received it today. It was worth the wait if that helps any. I hope yours arrive soon.
Hey Europa. I made a thread in IOS software about the calendar app requiring a password. I meant to make a new post so it could be seen. Guess I am rusty. I won't duplicate it as a post. If you can help with the problem it would be greatly appreciated :)
ADORING MY SPACE GRAY 128GB iPAD AIR 2! STILL LOVING MY iPHONE 6 PLUS! Thanks Apple for repairing my iMAC in 4 days! APPLE ROCKS!!