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  1. 0 always down?

    sickmunkeyz is a scammer and a thief. he was banned from ages ago for scamming people through private messages. he was also banned from modmyiPhone yesterday for being rude to other members on the forums. @ moderators / admin of this site. I would strongly suggest removing this...
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    Only 8 GB max..

    yeah yeah hard drive sure, point remains cant throw 80 gigs in the iPhone without doubling the size
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    Only 8 GB max..

    you know that the 80gig ipod is basically all flash drive, and includes none of the hardware required to make calls. It is a space thing, when you make a phone a lot of phone specific hardware is required. the fact that they can fit 8gig of memory in there (about the size of a nano) along with...
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    iPhone Setup Email

    man you are sorta annoying, every thread i read just has some worthless characters posted by you.
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    What Apple Sales People Said About iPhone

    only corporate att stores and Apple stores will be selling it at launch. best buy will not have them, neither will radio shack, and all those reseller stores. It is no surprise best buy store knows nothing
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    4GB or 8GB...How many of each?

    if i'm going to pay $500 whats an extra $100?
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    20070612.jpg significance?

    maybe it is going to be the day when some real info is actually given :)
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    owning a Mac

    mac book pro, every day of the week. Can't believe I used a windows box for so long
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    Cingular Updated!

    awesome i was hoping the commercials werent lying I like the confirmation
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    predictions, surprises and hopes for WWDC

    not a chance on the 3g before next year
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    More on the AT&T Plan

    i want my current data plan to work :( $20 for unlimited data a month, rumors of that being spiked to $40+ are disconcerning
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    moveable icons

    actually i think thats a huge deal, I hate not being able to rearange the menu on my phone
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    No more 2 year contract?

    that would be nice, not getting my hopes up though
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    Planning on Buying a Case?

    cant sacrifice the style with an ugly bulky case, screen protector for sure (if it works)
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    SD Possibility?

    that slot is probably a sim slot. I wouldn't expect Apple to have a sd slot, that's not their style if you look at past/current products