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    iPad Air 2 availability in stores

    Has anyone heard confirmation of when the Air 2 is going to start showing up in brick-and-mortar Apple Stores? I went to one on Sunday and was told "next Friday." I don't know if that means this Friday the 24th or the following Friday (Halloween). Right now, shipping estimates suggest that...
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    Anyone else waiting for Apple Store to open to order iPad Air 2 this morning?

    I actually do, and I plan to sell my Air and get the Air 2. Last year, they released the Air with the same processor (A7) as the iPhone 5S. However, this year, the iPad Air 2 already has an upgraded processor (A8X) over the iPhone 6 (A8). So the iPad Air is running on the same processor as...
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    WiFi not turning back on after sleep?

    I am experiencing similar issues on my Plus. I'll be messing with it for a little while before noticing it isn't on wifi anymore, and when I go into the wifi settings, it shows the spinning icon next to my network like it's trying to connect but won't. Then if I switch wifi off and on, it'll...
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    iPhone 6 Bendgate

    John Gruber at Daring Fireball weighs in (and I completely agree): "I cannot believe that this “bent iPhone 6 Plus” thing is becoming a thing. Watch this jackass’s video — inexplicably promoted by Time magazine. Should not we be amazed that his phone didn’t snap in half under this pressure...
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    iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper Resolution

    Interesting. I wonder how much quality loss there is with a resizer like this.
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    iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper Resolution

    Other things to consider: parallax adds a certain percentage of pixels, and the Plus can be rotated to landscape on the home screen. So maybe something like 2400 x 2400?
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    iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper Resolution

    Admins, feel free to move/rename the thread. I want to get the record straight on the 6 Plus. The screen resolution is 1920 by 1080, but it sounds like the *optimal* resolution is 2208 by 1242. It sounds like what happens if you have an image at 1920 by 1080 is that the software blows it up to...
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    I DID SOMETHING! iPhone 6+ SAGA.

    I initially picked up a red leather case for my Plus, but as I walked out of the store with it, I noticed that the red wasn't even (painted?) on there that well to begin with, mainly on the Apple logo. I went back to check the rest and, while I found one or two that looked better, they all...
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    Ordered through AT&T still no phone?

    Moral of this thread is to stick with Apple for pre-orders. I got "in" to AT&T's pre-order site before I could get through to Apple's, but no way was I ordering from AT&T. I've had luck waiting in line at AT&T stores for previous launches, but not for a pre-order.
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    Charge your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus faster by using iPad power adapter

    I couldn't tell you if it was harmful or not, really. I think my battery was holding up just fine. If I never bothered to plug it in during the day, I could still get home in the evening with 40% or so left. However, I work at an office in front of a computer all day, so I always have the...
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    Charge your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus faster by using iPad power adapter

    I've been using the extension (wall plug) from an old MacBook with the iPad power adapter for a long time now to charge my iPads and my iPhone 5. It is much faster than the standard iPhone charger plugged into the wall or a computer. I charged up my 6+ this way Sunday night and went from 4% up...
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    6 And 6 Plus Battery Usage Screenshot Thread

    From here on out, I'll likely top mine off more than I'll let it drain down. I'd just heard too many conflicting reports in reviews of the phones and wanted to see for myself. I definitely got a full two days of use out of the phone, and even that is unnecessarily good -- who goes multiple...
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    Every iPhone Compared Side-by-Side I found that this comparison was not extensive enough. Maybe show each phone loading Apple's website, sending a picture message (where applicable), loading the camera app and taking some pictures...
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    6 And 6 Plus Battery Usage Screenshot Thread

    Just before I plugged it in
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    6 And 6 Plus Battery Usage Screenshot Thread

    Post 'em up. Be sure to indicate 6 or 6 Plus. Here's mine so far today. 6 Plus