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    question about selling iPhone 3GS to get iPhone 4

    I purchased my iPhone 3gs last year on launch day. My question is that if i sell it on ebay now and then use a blackberry for the next few weeks until the iPhone 4 comes out will it affect my eligibility to upgrade at the 299/399 pricing? Will att see that i am no longer using an iPhone and...
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    MMS is out right now

    Mine worked! im in florida. 3.0 still jailbroken. just went into MMS settings and turned it on then entered the settinsg in teh first post. i dindt even update the carrier file. MMS has NEVER worked for me. ever since the first iPhone ive tried everything lol
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    MMS on 3GS does work

    yeah i did. the only thing i might have done wrong was the ipcc file i used teh carrier update 5.0 because the one tha twasi n the firts post was not letting me downlaod it and i asked which version it was and now one answered so i just used the one i had on my comp from a while ago. when i used...
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    MMS on 3GS does work

    so i tried all this and got no luck. i got so far too. mms would not work at all so i ended up calling att while putting my sim into a blackjack and i told him that i just got a blackjack because my iphoen broke and i would like to turn on mms and it took a little bit but he finnaly did it and i had...
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    MMS on 3GS does work

    can someone tell me what carrier update version is in the first post? the downlaod isn't working for me and iwould like to find it elsewhere. is it 5.0?
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    Selling iPhone to

    Just sold my white iPhone 3g 16gb on ebay for 420$ it was brand new though since i got my odle one replaced trhough Apple warranty yesterday. sold it within 24 hours, wasn't unlocked or jailbroken but i did upgrade to the 3.0 software on it
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    What Do you guys think i should do?

    yeah i know i was thinking about that. Maybe i will sell it on ebay. thats why im asking for your guys advice. but if i sell it on ebay and then put my sim into another phone to use for the next week til lthe 3gs comes out it will no longer say i am an iPhone user on my att account and then it...
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    What Do you guys think i should do?

    alright sounds good. thanks guys
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    remove SIM card before selling old 3G? upgrading to 3G S

    be careful because i don't think you can put that sim in anoteher phone and then be elibible for upgrade. or early upgrade fee. because ladst year when i sold my v1 for the 3g i had been using a flip phone for the few weeks i was iPhoneless after selling my v1. then it showed on my account that...
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    What Do you guys think i should do?

    So ive had a white 16gb iPhone 3g since launch day. and i had teh original iPhone since its launchday too. i sold the V1 and got the 3g when it came out for 299 no problems. this time around i am not eligible for the 199 upgrade price for a 16gb 3gs and i understand that. So I set an...
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    Official 3.0 Beta bug list

    i have this same problem! it only started with beta 5 and i haven't seen anyone say anything about it so i was scared that it was my sim. but it proboly happens to me way more than 5 times a day. maybe a couple times an hour
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    Beta 5 Discussion

    So im on a mac and i read you should update using the iTunes pre release for beta 4 instead of the latest one and you wont loose mms or tethering. but somone a few posts up said he was on a mac and updated using the last iTunes insteado f the new one released yesterday and it didn't work? can...
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    iPhone beta 2 text lag

    i figured out that when its lagging during texting just switch to silent mode and it just goes away instantly. weird.
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    Push notifications?

    oh damn. ok so what about tethering i know it works but i cant get it to work. i have a new macbook and i read that usb tethering donest work so i tried bluetooth and no go. i pair them up and follow teh instructions and then i try to connect and i get an error "Failed to open a connection to...
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    Push notifications?

    So ive been looking all morning and i have yet to see anyone talk about the push notifications that is supposed to be implemented in 3.0 beta 2. am i wrong? I cant find any instance of push notifications on my iPhone which is 3.0 beta 2. i tried aim and other things. Would anyone like to point...