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  • yeah it kinda boring in the beginning but when you get stronger it gets a lot more interesting, so your not going to make a guy in "Firetree"?
    yeah I do, I'm a lvl 52 , but once I get to 55 im going to make a death knight in firetree realm , ill tell you when i make him
    ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪ Merry Christmas ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪
    The new principal is... a nice person, maybe not the best administrator. Though, talk to enough teachers and you'll find that we tend not to think much of administration. She is very good at some parts of her job, but young and very green, so there are areas where she could use more support. We also have issues at my school everytime we get a new principal (which happens every couple of years); there is this mad scramble bullshit game (that I refuse to participate in) where at least half of the staff members try to manipulate the situation to their own advantages.

    So.. it's your senior year? I guess I was thinking that it was your junior year because you're so close in age to my daughter, but her birthday misses the cut-off by two weeks, so she's only a junior. She's seen a few colleges (UC Santa Barbara and CSU Monterey Bay because of cheer camp, CSU Stanislas and Biola on a band trip last year, UC Santa Cruz with friends, we took a tour of UC Irvine on Spring Break last year, and UC Davis is right in our backyard). She has no idea what she wants to do other than "go to college", but I didn't figure my life out at 17, so I'm not worried about it. I just want her to pick a place that will make her happy to keep going to school and learning new things and meeting new people.

    I *love* my jailbroken phone. So fun. I can't say that I'm doing anything TOO exciting with it, but I am happy to have new stuff and a different look.

    Okay.. your turn. Where are you applying? What else is going on in your life?
    Hey kiddo, I've missed chatting with you, too. This school year has been crazy busy for me. We're breaking in a new principal and I've got several students who require hours and hours of additional prep. The result has been a far less social Christine. But a nudge may be just what I need to spend a little less time working and a little more time enjoying life.

    So how's school? Anything exciting going on?
    Hey, I've been getting about 4 hours of use lately. I have everything turned on except for bluetooth and have fetch set to every hour.
    Man, i don't know what to tell you bro. Just run it for a few more days and see if your battery runs down consistently after 4 hours. Are you jailbroken?
    I have 3G on, wifi on, push on, location services on, brightness set to auto but still dim, bluetooth off, and can get around 4-5 hours of usage out of it, not including iPod. I got 7 hours of iPod, web surfing, calling, texting usage once with the same settings as above. So, not that much better than what you're getting
    Hey genius
    I have a problem with my iphone... and i guess u can fix it....
    i got a iphone from is jailbroked.. it has cydia.....and it was working good in UK...
    but now when i am using it in India it is not accepting my SIM card....
    can u help me please.......
    should i jailbeark again using Ziphone.... with a lower firmware... because may be in India it is not supporting higher firmware....
    or is there any problem related to Sim bandwith...
    Please help!!!
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