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    iToner Custom Ring tones by Ambrosia Software

    Ambrosia is working on a fix and hey if they could release a ringtone program real quick without any hacking, I'm sure it'll be any day. No need to support Apple's schemes.
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    iTunes and Ringtones

    Just use iToner, simple nice program.
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    Your probably right, at first glance I thought it'd be funny too. You made me re-think that. It'd probably turn into a messy bashing.
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    But then you'd be getting a second hand high.. lol
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    Yeah Chris is doing a great job at keeping out the clowns that use their defense posts 99% of the time to insult the person. No worries there.
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    The iPhone is just a mediocre phone, albeit a pretty one.

    Amen, so far it seems money is number one priority. Even the iTunes update talked about at the event was just another way to make more money. Delete ringtones that aren't purchased through Apple. Outrageous. They are a monopoly to their product owners! I hope someone puts them in their place...
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    POLL: Are you satisfied with Apple's good faith $100 Store Credit

    Do you own a 8GB by any chance or a 4GB? They are still blatantly preying on the early adopters. An early adopter of a high end product is more likely to purchase more products of a significant value. $100 is enough for many to purchase a product from Apple that costs more than $100. Before you...
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    Apple is doing a fine job of that by themselves.
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    Is the 16 GB iPhone coming soon?

    Sign me up. I just love to be raped for my money.
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    Honestly we shouldn't roll over for anything less than $200
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    the 4gb iPhone from Apple? brand new

    It says on the clearance site new.
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    The day I almost got rid of my iPhone

    Your not the first person to not be in my favor. Catch up on this forum, then post again.
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    The day I almost got rid of my iPhone

    The last part of your post is off-topic. Do I really have to waste energy on reporting your post again.
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    About That So Called "STORE CREDIT"

    Let me make it simpler, The consumer is like the miners during the gold rush, they are irate, they want their money. Here comes along a $100 store credit (fools gold). They are happy go lucky. In reality, they've gotten nothing while the others have struck it rich (new iPhone buyers)
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    About That So Called "STORE CREDIT"

    I meant the original meaning for fool's gold. I think you know what I mean ;)