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    Buying Leopard

    I will definayely be buying Leopard.. just going to use my $100 store credit also.. whats the deal on its release date?
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    Just Unlocked My iPhone with anySIM!

    I don't think Apple is going to block the unlocking anytime soon .. in a recent article it said Apple was going to double the production.. I can be a crap load people have unlocked already and are using T-Mobile.. I know my brother in law is... Apple knows this way they can make a lot more...
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    Just Unlocked My iPhone with anySIM!

    Apparently it has been removed from that site for legal reasons... I think you can still use ibrickr
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    Summerboard = Springboard on roids

    version 1.03 released now.. I don't notice any update beside the wallpaper is little darker to help see icons better.. still not fixing my icon problem :( so dtiching it till next update once again
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    YouTube videos at WiFi quality?

    I hope you are kidding.. Its been proven YouTube videos when on the Edge network are compressed for a faster download which results in poor quality.. WiFi makes them look crystal clear
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    Summerboard = Springboard on roids

    I updated to 1.02 now and This morning I had every single application I owned on the screen able to scroll with this app even demo app and field test app .. but now after updating this my estimated 24 applications on the homescreen decreased to 17 applications .. God knows why i dunnno but sucks...
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    Summerboard = Springboard on roids

    As much as I like the fact it scrolls the icons .. I Mean yeah its insane and I like it a lot.. I just don't like the fact it uses the wallpaper I have on the locked screen lol.. yes granted I can get a black wallpaper to make it like the original but then my lock screen is black too... I just...
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    iPhone not working, can i take it to Apple store exchange for a new one?

    I had a problem where the bottom half of my iPhone froze at times and for hours I couldn't even unlock the iPhone. I went to the Apple store and they told me when it happens do the unlocking motion and then press the home screen.. They didn't want to replace it there. My iPhone froze again...
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    flash and YouTube.

    didn't Apple release a news update that they would include Flash support in one of the near updates
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    Success/Brick Stories After Modding...

    Its not that hard.. I mean if you take it easy and go slowly don't rush you got it.. I will admit I tried to explore different things and modded a lot stuff I almost came close to a brick I had to restore phone but that didn't stop me I remodded my iPhone again...
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    Re - Mods

    Yeah I wouldn't suggest dragging and dropping more then 1 file at a time.. also make sure u delete the old one 1st
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Nice theme I like this one
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    Sometimes intelligent keyboard doesn't work?

    Thats weird I noticed that but im gunna give that method a try too ,, thanks a lot
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    Visual Voicemail doesn't ask for password before playback of messages?

    yeah, I just basically lock the phone I mean it does in a way suck that anyone can just listen to all the voice mails and stuff but hey want can you do this is a feature everyone loves to.. Just password lock the phone
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    How have your typing skills changed?

    You know what too tho, gotta love that little magnifier glass when fixing an error lol