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    magnetic headphones

    Aren't all headphones magnetic? Isn't that how they work?
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    EDGE is not really bad

    My speed was 156kbps. I don't have many complaints on the EDGE network. When the first reviewers reviewed the phone, I was really worried about the speed. I was pleasantly surprised.
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    Something is wrong with my volume buttons

    Okay, I was using my iPod function on the phone and I used the volume control buttons on the side. When I would click to change the volume, it wouldn't work. I saw the litte white squares that show you the volume and they would only flicker when i clicked the button. I restarted the phone and...
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    Tips And Tricks

    You can't. Hotmail doesn't support POP. I believe you can use that if you pay the yearly fee on msn. I just made a new email account on gmail.
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    Mac Tutorial: How To Put DVDs on the iPhone

    Okay, I'm trying Handbrake on a Windows XP. I'm having trouble under "Destination". It allows me to browse for the folder, but I can't select it. I'm not really good with computers, but if someone could help me, I'd appreciate it.