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    Yahoo And AIM Instant messengers?

    i wish aim could be installed, i hope there is a real app soon
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    Can I get someone to wait?

    bump bump help
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    Surprises Waiting for Everyone....

    can any of you get an official fact that the owner does not need to be there? i was told by att worker that i have to be there to sign the contract.
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    Can I get someone to wait?

    even at the AT&T you don't have to do anything contract wise? hmm thanks!
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    Can I get someone to wait?

    wonder why that stupid women said i had to be there. im going to call again and ask for the main guy. thanks! also i know you can activate it online, but what about the contract? maybe that has to be done in store, let me know thanks!
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    Can I get someone to wait?

    hi, im working all day friday, till 4PM and the line may start around lunch time, could i get someone to wait for me and buy the iPhone and then i can go home and set it up on the computer via iTunes? i called my att store they said i have to be there cause i have to sign a contract. is...
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    visual voicemail downloaded?

    does everyone have to pay a deposit? or only new users. i am a existing customer. will i have to pay a deposit?
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    The Secret

    i heard friday they will drop both prices to 399 and 499... no lie
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    yes, if the lines are like that, just think how much money is there. hmm great chance to commit a robbery. bbl
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    this might be what it looks like (you can use your mouse on the pic to move the image)
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    Keep my same phone number?

    can i keep my same number if i am a cingular customer and i want to get the iPhone? or do i need to get a new number?
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    Online Ordering - People and Supply

    yes, Apple store confirms the sale of online orders on the 29th
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    Another public iPhone

    if you cant tell the restaurant pic is fake, then you're retarded
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    Honest questions answered.

    Will I be able to keep the same number i have now, and use that on the iPhone? this may be a repeat, but someone please answer!
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    Another public iPhone

    Before it's even released and yet another person has been spotted in public using the iPhone. Lucky isn't the word. Okay, yes it is. This guy is incredibly lucky. I bet he works for Apple. Count me as jealous.