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    iPhone 7 AppleCare+ and iPhone 7/7 Plus

    I was able to purchase AppleCare+ via phone call to Apple the day after I got my 7+. They had me run some diagnostic while they were on the phone and this apparently confirms that there was nothing wrong with the phone. I don't know how the diagnostic would tell them if my screen was cracked...
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    iPhone 7 Setting up a New Phone -- From Scratch or Restore from Previous phone?

    I've restored from backup on new phones for as long as I can remember and never had an issue. Maybe I'm just lucky :whistle:
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    iPhone 7 case ordered ?

    I'm rocking one of these on my JB 7+ I like that it only minimally takes away from the beautiful jet black finish of the phone. I also like that it is all soft TPU, no hard plastic. Not sure why it is no longer available at...
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7/7 Plus Shipping Thread

    Finally received my jet black 256gb 7+ today. It was worth the wait, what a beautiful phone! I tried two clear TPU cases that I purchased before the iPhone arrived. Even know they are clear and minimal, they both still distracted from the beautiful jet black finish. I also ordered a set of...
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    The pets of eiC

    "Maui", our pit bull/lab mix. She is an absolute sweetheart to those she knows. Not so nice with strangers at the door and small dogs.
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    iOS 10 installation, no problem

    I've rebooted multiple time, to no avail.
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    iOS 10 installation, no problem

    I'm out of town and don't have my computer with me :-(. I do have decent wifi where I am.
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    iOS 10 installation, no problem

    My iPhone 6s+ on iOS 9.3.5 continues to tell me that iOS is up-to-date. Any way to force an OTA update?
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    No love for the iPad Pro?

    The Apple Store I picked mine up at, San Tan Village, had the keyboards in stock and said that they would have the styluses tomorrow. I'm loving this large screen!
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    No love for the iPad Pro?

    I just noticed that there are virtually no posts and not even a forum for the new iPad Pro. Am I the only one interested in this new beauty? Anyways, I was just able to order one from the online Apple Store and am going to be able to pick it up today. I haven't been notified of exactly what...
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    New Feature In iMessage?

    My wife has been experiencing this on her new iPhone 6s+ many times a day. I've never experienced it on my exact same iPhone, go figure. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    iPhone 6s Returning AT&T Next trade-in phone

    I ordered my new iPhone 6s+ from the Apple Store on the AT&T Next program and have been trying to figure out how to return my trade-in iPhone 6+ to AT&T. After wasting hours of time talking with AT&T and Apple, and visiting both the AT&T and Apple Stores trying to figure out how to get my...
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    iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Photos

    Thanks, she was 80 and in failing health and in great pain. It was best that God took her when he did. She is now at peace. Back to the original topic - The camera in my 6s+ is simply awesome! It hands-down beats the camera in my 6+ in every way, including being able to take 4k videos...
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    iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Photos

    From my mother's funeral today :(
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    iPhone 6s How's the iPhone 6S battery holding up?

    Well, my guess would be you either have a rogue process running and consuming the battery or you have a defective battery. Have you tried powering the phone off and on?