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    What other progams are you using?

    I am a Napster user. I like that they are very popular and have all the downloads that I want. Their prices are the fairest that I have seen. I am going to check into iTunes and see how they compare.
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    What does iTunes charge per song?

    I have never used it either and I am very interested in finding the answers to your questions. I will research it if someone does not reply to you soon. I just would hate to be wrong so I will have to do some research.
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    I am not familiar with iSync

    I have never heard of iSync before exactly what function does it have on these phones? What features does this software support?
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    Anyone here married?

    I am married as well and have been for 8 years. I really like being married so that I do not have to face all the challenges alone. I think that if you are thinking about proposing that you need to continue to think some more. Usually people just know and throw caution to the wind and do it.
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    What iPod do you have?

    I have a 5th generation as well but I am thinking about getting rid of it for a mini. The 5th generation is way too bulky when I am working out and running. I think that I could probably still get a bit for it on ebay and get my mini.
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    future of iPod

    I think that these phoneless Ipods are just going to keep getting bigger and better so that you will feel that you need to have both a phoneless and phoned Ipod. Apple knows what they are doing so they would not make the Ipod obsolete.
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    Anyone seen the new iPod Jeans?

    I was just looking around the other day and saw that some company is making these new Ipod jeans that are supposed to make it easier to carry your Ipod around. I would have to be a bigger dork then I am already to wear these goofy looking jeans.
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    Mac or PC

    I am all about the PC and the new Mac commercials are liable to drive me to shoot someone if I have to keep hearing how good MACs are. I really have never found them to be all that good of a deal as they do not have the functionality that I need.
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    Will you buy an iPhone?

    Depending on what they decide to charge and which concept design they go with I may very well be interested in purchasing and iPhone. I guess that we will just have to wait it out and see what happens when it finally goes into marketing.
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    Cost of the iPhone?

    Well if it has everything that I have been able to read about especially the intel processor then I would say that we are looking at no less then a $400.00 phone for sure. I will be curious to see how this pans out once it hits the stores.
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    When will it be out?

    I haven't been able to find anything on a release date or who will be carrying this phone so I would dare to say that they are not going to be released anytime soon. :(
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    iPhone Pics

    I really like the designs that are showing it to be more of a boxy design like the non-phone Ipods. I think that will be what we will see on the market when this phone comes out.
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    iPhone Rumors

    An intel processor would be awsome, but it is going to make this phone really expensive I would think. I guess that this phone truly is for the professionals that are on the go that love music as well.