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    Official iPhone Software Update 2.0.1 Discussion

    Update 2.1 just heard that 2.0.1 is out for the iPhone, hope it is worth it
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    I know it's been discussed before...

    I did not mean the phone, I meant AT&T updating their towers and possible network updates to the phone itself without literally plugging your iPhone into iTunes and updating
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    Screen ShAT&Ter Update!

    Yeah, well some of the geniuses will sometimes replace it if they are in a good mood, but they usually do not
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    Screen ShAT&Ter Update!

    Yeah 199 for 4gb/8gb and 249 for 16gb for accidental damage. OUCH
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    Screen ShAT&Ter Update!

    Wow, I have never heard of this. Normally they give you a replacement and send the other one to the depot to get parted out That is odd that he would say that though
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    Hearing an Echo when calling on 3G network

    But hey I figure if you think about it. Apple is on its second year of making cell phones and everyone else has been make phone for years. I am not looking over the flaws, I agree that not having MMS is stupid, Voice dialing,(Feel bad for California), Can not take video, no file transfer...
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    I know it's been discussed before...

    Interesting, I have talked to an AT&T tower guy who says he lives right next to a 3G tower and still has bad reception. I just think 3G is buggy, I hope a new update will solve this issue
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    iTunes can't find iPhone

    It is a common issue and has many factors 1. Make sure you are plugged into the back of the PC and not using the Dock 2. Unplug any other devices that use USB except the devices you need 3. Restart the computer to refresh the USB ports after you have unplugged everything 4. Uninstall...
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    I know it's been discussed before...
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    I know it's been discussed before...

    3G is really touchy and depending on your location, you might not have a lot of coverage. But right now I have found the 3G network to not be that reliable. I would give it some time and it should be pretty good
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    Hearing an Echo when calling on 3G network

    Hey I would try just reseting the Network Settings on your phone This will reset your APN and Wi-Fi settings and might do the trick. Settings->General->Reset Network Settings Or if you want you can just disable 3G for now until it gets better Settings->General->Network->Enable 3G 0ff
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    Getting new phone from Apple

    hey cmhatter The new color difference that you notice is intentional and designed to make images look even better on the iPhone 3G. As far as getting a refurb or a new phone, the contract that you agreed to when you first activated your phone states that you may get a refurb if replacement is...
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    New computer, but...

    Once you purchase an Application you can download it as many times as you would like. 1. Authorize your new Computer In itunes->Store->Authorize 2. Sign in if not already signed in In itunes->Store->sign in 3. Re download the apps on iTunes I am not sure, but that should do the trick
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    After iTunes backup, music is deleted off iPhone...

    If none of that works it could be iTunes itself and First I would Check For Updates in iTunes If that does not work: I would uninstall and reinstall iTunes. Removing iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista: Removing...
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    No Edge and No Visual Voicemail. Decided to vanish 5 Days ago.

    Try reseting the VM password if you are still using AT&T Dial 611->1->1->3->3->(Billing Zip Code) Password will be reset to the last 7 digits of your phone number, as far as the Wi-Fi goes, you can do 1 of the following 1. Reset Network Settings, This resets the APN and Wi-Fi settings...