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    Discovering new music

    I find spotify very good for new music also 8tracks is another one worth the mention.
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    How to unlock iPhone 4 - iOS 7 - Firmware 04.12.09?

    It will cost about £15 and take 1-8 working days, this is an official unlock by Apple so updates etc.
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    How to revert a contact back to default SMS tone?

    Have you tried resetting the devices settings? That should put them back to the default settings.
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    My iPhone 4 does not vibrate anymore

    Usually it would be a hardware issue. Did you get any repairs done to the phone where the vibrator may not have been reinstalled correctly?
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    Post Counts?

    I can still see the post counts on the app? -Spencer-
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    The pets of eiC

    haha it's actually a treat in his mouth but it does look like a cigarette :P -Spencer-
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    The pets of eiC

    My dog with my hat on lol -Spencer-
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    Trade in question

    Don't sell to the company's (you'll get half it's value) your best bet to get the most is eBay or if you want the max amount possible classified adds are the best but meeting the person is awkward . eBay is the easiest. -Spencer-
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    think that's the one I heard of before -Spencer-
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    If your talking about the icon that looks like this (see attached) then I don't think you can get rid of the red icon in the corner , there may be a Cydia tweak but not 100%? -Spencer-
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    Regretting your iPhone 5 color choice?

    White seems to hold its value stronger than the black ones. -Spencer-
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    and I always thought the rivalry was mainly between the 2 Milan clubs :P , I heard about the betting scandal a few years back , disgraceful to have in the game , was inter a part of that ? -Spencer-
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    to much time :P , u don't have to type it out but if you've a link or something? :) -Spencer-
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    why ? -Spencer-
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    iPhone 5 Unboxing video

    With the same result of them taking all your money at the end, and getting enjoyment . Lol -Spencer-