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    C'mon Apple, release 4.0.1 already!

    I hope the unlocking is not depending on this...
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    White Unboxing (Unofficial)

    Same here.
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    How likely is a recall?

    Never, there's a lot of anti Apple vaporware in this issue.
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    Finally Unlock & Jailbreak iPhone 4?

    I hope so.......I received mine today.
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    Okay, let's be honest with ourselves for a second here...

    I just need the unlocking.....god it is taking forever....
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    So is it worth

    I'm waiting for the unlocking....:dft009:happy
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    I love the iPad

    Same here, even my kids love it...wifey not so much.....
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    What do you find yourself using more?

    I find myself using the Ipad a lot more, multimedia....web surfing and even games.
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    Bluetooth keyboards

    Well, in my case the BT Apple keyboard works as a champion and it's not that big or heavy.
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    Newbie Knows Nothing

    My country was eliminated way long ago, didn't even get to the Worl is impressive how much has improved the US soccer...Go USA!
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    iPad Problems - 14 Problems with Apple's iPad

    This is sooo lame......I've wasted two minutes of my life reading it.
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    No iPhone tethering for iPad

    MyWi rules, the most usefull app. I've found so far for both the iPhone and the Ipad.
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    What features are unique to iPad?

    It's cool? It looks like some strange device from the Star Trek get fun from it and even can do some work if you like.
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    My 2 week thoughts

    I didn't get it....You hate it or you like it?
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    Not to beat a dead horse (complaint) but...

    Since I own an iPhone 3gs I've grown with the lack of flash support, besides I was aware of that with the Ipad and I do own a netbook for extra surfing activities, honestly the Ipad covers in a good way most of my web surfing activity. Youtube is not a problem even with 3g using a modem and I...