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    Current Cingular/AT&T customers....

    Yes it's that easy. AT&T is number one for reasons just like this. They do things right.
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    Feeling Ripped Off? ... You Should!

    iPhone could deliver a profit margin of more than 55 percent after hardware and manufacturing costs, In comparison, iSuppli said, Average gross profit margins range from 20 percent to 30 percent for advanced phones from cell phone rivals such as Nokia, Motorola Inc. and Samsung...
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    Best way to preserve long-term battery life

    Here is what I do that has extended the battery life from an average of one year to two full years on my mobile phone and my laptop. Buy one spare battery for each and alternate with the procedure below. 1) Remove the battery from the device. 2) Put it in the refrigerator 3) Install the spare...
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    Apples Proprietary "Lock Em Out" days are numbered....

    The best thing that Apple could do, is give up, and join the winners. Just like they did with the MacBook Pro. The hackers made windows run on it and Apple caved in, created Boot Camp and the rest is history. Good history. Apple just doesn't get it. They would sell so much more if they...
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    A Thought on Volume Problems

    Thanks for your very well written post. I agree with you, the iPhone is art. In addition, it's a premium product at a premium price which should provide a premium experience and this iPhone does not. I'm up for version 2.0!
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    A Thought on Volume Problems

    Very smart move. The second version of Apple products are always the winners anyway. This way you will have a phone that IS worth what you paid for it. This volume issue is very real even it the Apple fanatics don't want to admit it. Finally its' the smart people like you that return the...
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    NEWS: 1 MILLION iPhones activated

    Too Late, I see them everywhere, they are just like RAZRS....only much more fragile and expensive ..:2cool:
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    Has anyone who ordered an iPhone got it yet?

    Ordered 2 on the 29th from the Apple site. Said 2-4 week wait. So I went to the local Apple Store where the line had subsided down to just 8 people. Bought two that evening and got them activated in just 10 minutes after bringing them home. The other two just arrived this morning and I just...
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    Apples Proprietary "Lock Em Out" days are numbered....
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    Best skin ever for iPhone?

    I saw one and they are really ugly.
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    Those of you with, or had deal pixels...

    Dead, or stuck pixels are just a fact of life with TFT displays. Anyone who has laptop experience knows this. Apple will have a limit as to the number of bad pixels before they will replace the phone. Also remember they can go bad at any time and usually do either at first or after several...
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    Anyone else experience iPhone envy from public?

    Yes, it's a pain, I got mine to use, not to feed my ego.
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    Edge network OUT?

    I bought my iPhone Friday night and it was activated by 7:30pm. EDGE has worked perfectly the entire time.
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    iPhones SIM card in other phones?

    I removed the sim chip from my iPhone (just for kicks) to try in my other new phones and a couple new smartphones, one of which is a BlackBerry Curve. The iPhone sim chip allows you to make calls and send text, but it disables the web access, email access in any other AT&T or unlocked phone...
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    Optimum Online E-mail Woes

    Gmail just works, it's great