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    After a 13 hour WAIT...Now THIS? THX AT&T!

    I live in OKC also and the AT&T store I went to (in Crossroads Mall) had only 40 phones. Luckily I was #30 in a line of over 100 people! I wonder why the Crossroads Mall got so few. But I also activated w/in about 2 minutes. It was awesome!
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    Using WiFi

    I was able to get my WiFi at home to work but now I'm at my parents house and I can't get it to work on their wifi. It shows their wifi and I select it, but it is still using edge. I don't understand.
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    What's wrong with this iPhone built-in ringer/speaker?

    Yeah, mine is way too soft as well.
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    Are you ready? iPhone Checklist

    Outlook Contacts - Completely in order! Outlook Calendars - Don't use it much but I should put in B-days, anniversaries (thanks for the reminder!) Album Art - Completely in order! Photo Albums - Ready to go! iTunes Account - All set! The only other thing I did was make a list of a couple...
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    How Many ?

    I believe you can only buy one per person. The people have to be with you to buy more. I think I read this on the AT&T site that they updated overnight. It sucks! I was thinking about surprising my husband w/ one (he's deployed in the big sand box right now). I guess I won't be able to. :frown:
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    All iPhone Reviews

    Thanks for summarizing the reviews! Very helpful; now I don't have to read them all individually!
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    anyone in the okc area?

    It doesn't look like the one on Rockwell will have to iPhone. AT&T updated their "Find a store" page; they added iPhone to the search list. Here is the link: I put in OKC, OK and 50 miles. It only listed 7 different AT&T stores.
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    anyone in the okc area?

    Have fun and good luck!
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    $99/month to use WiFi?

    Sorry it's not very good. :embarrassed: Yours is way better...thanks!
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    $99/month to use WiFi?

    Here's a quick screen shot:
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    Age, Occupation, Income Poll

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    anyone in the okc area?

    Oh, also, I don't think I'm going to camp out. I think I'll get there and scope it out in the morning and then just shop. I'll keep checking the line and jump in once it gets started.
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    anyone in the okc area?

    I live in Norman (please, let's not start an OU vs OSU fight!) and I think I'll be going to the AT&T in Crossroads Mall. There is also an AT&T store in Midwest City across the street from Tinker AFB but I talked to them and they are expecting a HUGE crowd and have hired security guards and...
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    Unique situation on getting the iPhone

    It's weather; I was stationed in Hawaii for the past two years (I know, it was rough!). What's yours?
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    Unique situation on getting the iPhone

    I actually just separated from active duty Air Force and switched to the Reserves and my husband is Army so we have lots of great Army vs. AF discussions! I keep awaiting to get my notice to deploy. Hopefully I can put it off awhile longer. (At least until I get my iPhone!)