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    for everyone still looking for an iPhone

    Hmm... stolen, maybe?
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    how come SIM card says 3G?

    We use the same sim card for 2g and 3g phones. It indicates that the sim card is 3g ready
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    This is confirmed. It's a regular AT&T sim card. popped one out of a demo iPhone today.
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    All iPhone Reviews

    got my hands on it briefly today. Heavier than I expected. Really like the zoom feature. Typing (i'm usually a one-handed thumb-typer) will take some getting used to. Brushed metal back (now only if iPods came that way) Nice looking device. I'm sold.... not that I'll be allowed to buy one myself...
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    Corp. Account / Activation Eligibility

    Most stores will have a minimum of two display models. FIRMLY ATTACHED TO THE DISPLAY FIXTURE
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    One good reason for the 6 PM launch

    Ignoring previous comments. I said in another thread that I think the 6pm launch in all timezones is so that Apple will be guaranteed Top Story status on most of the nation's local news shows.... barring some sort of world crisis between today and Friday.
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    The managers of the individual stores should all know how many units their own store is getting, at this point. That doesn't necessarily mean they're going to tell you... or their own salespeople... until Friday.
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    any news on how many

    Depends on the computer system, whether or not there's a credit evaluation needed. Now, if someone whips out cash or (God Forbid) a checkbook....
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    Sorry to argue this point. It's a standard AT&T sim card and can be replaced with another AT&T sim card. That was made perfectly clear in "Train The Trainer" classes yesterday. You may transfer contacts by syncing to your pc (or mac) then down to you iPhone, or by syncing via a UME device in an...
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    Your service will be better. THe 64k sims connect better to the network - more memory. The EDGE upgrades are in process and should be complete im most areas... they're saying double current EDGE speeds (previously 110-170k)
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    It's not an AT&T/Cingular plan you're on. You're on a legacy (old) AT&T Wireless GSM Charter plan, which was supposed to drop to 1500 minutes after the initial 2 year contract. AT&T Wireless ceased to exist on November 15, 2004. Though your billing has been converted to AT&T Mobility...
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    The Secret

    this is true, though I don't know if it's "the secret"
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    The Secret

    There are some as of yet unannounced features, from my understanding.
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    It's true. We won't be activating on premises. We'll run credit, sell the phone and accessories, and discuss the different plans with you.
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    Return iPhone and pay restocking AND contract termination fees?

    10% restocking fee, if the seal is broken (unique to iPhone - Apple policy). You may return the device within 14 days of purchase in cases of buyers remorse (14 day period also unique to iPhone - Apple policy). As far as the contract goes, you have a 30 risk free period from date of...