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    Camping @ Apple Carousel Syr. NY?

    Anyone here camping @ Carousel NY in Syracuse?!?!?!?:2cool:
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    New iPod Design

    Ive heard that the new Ipod's (Video) will follow the same design as the iPhone with the large touch screen, has anyone heard similar?
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    AT&T Plan Pricing Structure

    Yeeah, and that's why I mentioned how expensive it's expected to be monthly...
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    How many iPods have you purchased?

    I've got my 2 aswell, an Ipod Video and Silver Ipod MiNi
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    iPhone Camera Viewer

    It will work, the iPhone is going to sync with iTunes the same way an Ipod Video does currently. The phone will come with the same 30bit cable, so everything from pics, video and music will work flawlessly.
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    What does iTunes charge per song?

    I'm really supprised all of yoou people havnt used iTunes! Simple easy and never fails... $.99 not bad for a casual downloader. Now I think there are about 3,000,000 songs in iTunes collections and growing fast. Most all full Albums cost $10 and thats basically a standard.
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    What are you expecting from iPhone?

    Sounds amazing, and sounds like yo took a line out of Steve's Keynote!
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    iPod Gaming Unit

    I think the way to go right now is kind of stay away from the PC game type for now and mabe come out with something similar to a PSP sort... Possibly even competition for PS3 (full sized comsole)! While this market is growing, room is there for competition and sooner than later would be a great...
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Apple!!!... Checking out on the iPhone, can't wait! Nice to meet everyone!
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    AT&T Plan Pricing Structure

    ... I've heard that At&T and Cingular are going to force iPhone buyers into a businesss plan. This will cause the monthly bill to rise quite a bit... Has anyone heard anything similar?