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    Looking for car mount that works with iPhone 6 Plus

    Anyone have or recommend a good car mount for the 6 plus? I'm tired of trying to get directions or change music while driving
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    VoLTE on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

    I turned VoLTE in my 6 Plus and my wife's 6 and maybe it's me but holey cow it's crystal clear. Much more clear that the Galaxy s 5's. I love having and using it Oh I'm in Phoenix
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    time lapse video

    Just testing this out on my girl. Hope no one is grossed out. Couldn't kink direct so off to YouTube
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    Turns off while charging?

    It's the wall charger and cable that came with the 6. I'll try another plug tonight and see what happens
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    Turns off while charging?

    When it turns on its charged 100%. Just a weird thing
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    Turns off while charging?

    So for the second straight day I plug my phone in (6+) and when I retrieve the screen won't turn on. When I unplug the charger I get the apple symbol and a few seconds later bad to the home screen. It's almost as if it's turning back on even though I didn't turn it off. Anyone else experience this?
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    Gauging iPhone Fanboyism

    Ha ha your going to ask that on a fanboy webpage?
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    Can I attach a photo after composing an email?

    No I was laughing at the fact you could do that. I honestly didn't know. I would click on the picture then create email. Just sad I didn't know that
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    Can I attach a photo after composing an email?

    Wow. Lol.
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    Can I attach a photo after composing an email?

    Will there ever be a point where I can start an email and add a pic or file after the fact. One thing I liked about android. I hate having to go to the picture first then start an email.
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    The problem with iPhone 6 Plus

    Well I for one am loving my 6+ and couldn't imagine going back. I love the reach ability and use it constantly. Fits in all my pockets...hell even fits in my scrubs for work and they was my only concern. Again love it and not going back....EVER
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    When do you think iPhone 6 Plus will be available in store?

    I walked right into Best buy and got mine. They had 2 of each size for verizon. I know they are drop ship but call them in the mornings as they open
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    iOS 8.1 Brings Back Camera Roll

    Oh. Ha ha.
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    iOS 8.1 Brings Back Camera Roll

    Strange. I just got the 6 plus. Updated and I don't have camera roll.
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    What Widgets Do You Have?

    yes it finally appeared