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    Any opinions or experience with Square Trade?

    Not true. I've used square trade for years and had to file a claim on my iPhone 5 early this year. They sent me a phone first, then I sent mine back in the provided packaging. When I filed a claim on my DSLR camera, I had to send it it for repair and had it back within a week. I'm guessing...
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    Screen scratched, power button has dent

    Got mine at launch and not a single micro scratch on my screen. Don't plan on using protection...
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    Dropped calls with the iPhone 6 (Verizon)

    That sucks. Let me get this right. You want them to give you the 128gb for your 64gb and they pay the difference? BTW, look into Square trade for insurance. It's much cheaper and easy to use.
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    Did anyone here get an iPhone 6 though Verizon Edge?

    No problem. I was in the same situation because my upgrade wasn't due until December. I called verizon and they pushed my upgrade early so I could get the 6. They wouldn't do that in the store so I called CS and they quickly agreed! Now a proud owner of the 6. Traded in my 5 at the store for the...
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    Did anyone here get an iPhone 6 though Verizon Edge?

    If the contract terms aren't fulfilled on a subsidized phone, they will take it in exchange for signing up for an edge plan. It's just a way to upgrade early. If the contract terms are met on a subsidized plan, you keep the phone whether signing a new contract or going on an edge plan.
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    Spigen Launches iPhone 6 Air 5.5" Cases and Bumpers On Amazon, Available September 30th

    Got my slim armor case from their eBay sales within a week. The pricing on ebay for their cases is less than their website too!
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    Need advise to upgrade to iOS 8 on 4S 8 gb

    I've read poor performance of iOS 8 on 4s. You should avoid the upgrade
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    iPhone 6 cases

    Spigen slim armor
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    Configuring Airport Extreme

    You can limit access through the router using the Airport Utility on your Mac or iDevice. Airport Utility is available as an app through the App Store and the setting is in "advanced" then "access control."
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    Disappointed with iPhone 5s

    This exactly! I bet people would've been more excited had they not already known EVERY update to the 5s already...
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    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    I have a Spigen Slim Armor in Slate colorway. This is the first case I've had on my phone for more than a week. I love how it doesn't overlap the front glass and get in the way of swiping. The colorway matches my iPhone 5 so it's like I'm still seeing the same back plate. I also have the glass...
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    Sigh of relief...first scratch

    I've been running my 5 ceaseless since its birth. Dropped it once and cracked the bottom glass in the back, easy fix. I put a rear skin/film on the back and trimmed it off the glass portions to keep the aluminum from scratching. I love this setup. It actually provides more grip as well...
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    Cracked back glass iPhone 5

    Update: Still using the same replacement glass with no problems. In fact, I forgot all about it until a PM with some questions about it today. Glad I was able to fix it myself and save some money!
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    Cracked back glass iPhone 5

    Nope. They look identical to OEM. All of the prior glue must be removed to get it flush to the aluminum. I didn't want to glue it in case it was subpar quality, so I just used a permanent 3m double sided tape.
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    Cracked back glass iPhone 5

    Just figured I would share this research in case anybody else has the same issue. It's just more cost effective to fix it than pay the warranty deductible and lose a warranty trade in. I couldn't find anything else on the web and took a chance when peeling the broken glass off.