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    Anyone NOT CONVERT yet ?

    I upgraded early and my missus stayed on 1.1.4. Yes, I have extra applications but her iPhone is literally twice as snappy as mine. I'm still not sure if I did the right thing.
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    CAN'T add Live/Hotmail! Any help ?

    I'm pretty sure that Hotmail cannot be configured to wok on iPhone (other than via Safari), regardless of the account. This has been discussed a few times before on this very forum and amazing as it may seem, we still cannot use Hotmail accounts directly with the iPhone Mail application...
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    MMS Messaging

    MMS is a 'standard' feature on many phones, but in Apple's view (and they have a good point), it is a poor standard. Email is much more powerful. Apple's stance will result in the industry being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Endure the pain on behalf of evolution.
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    3G iPhone Image Display Quality Question

    I don't know the answer to your specific question... but there is a kludgy workaround to the image size issue if you work on a Mac. Use FileMark Maker to store the full size image as a bookmark on your iPhone (which you must then sync with iTunes) and when the link is selected in the browser...
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    Is the INVISIBLESHIELD Sticky?

    When I carry in my pocket it is just the Invisible Shield, but when transporting it in a case or bag I put the rubber InCase on. The InCase provides more shock protection. Invisible Shield alone is strong but thin and really wouldn't help to protect against a fall onto concrete or suchlike. It...
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    Is the INVISIBLESHIELD Sticky?

    Yes and No. Invisible Shield has a slightly tacky feel that is definitely noticeable. It does not slide around in your hand as much as the nekkid phone, and stays put on smooth surfaces a little better. BUT, it does slide easily in and out of pockets. I love it - it is really the best...
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    Best Ear Phones For iPhone 3G?

    The iPhone compatible connectors will almost certainly work with the new non-recessed socket. The 'compatibility' after all, is just a narrower casing on the jack. So pretty much the world is your oyster - pick any earphone with a 3.5mm jack that sounds good to you, it will fit.
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    Bang & Olufsen Earset 2 Bluetooth headset

    I have no personal experience of the Jawbone 2 but I recently read this review. It contains comparisons between the two devices, and the Jawbone 2 comes out well/okay.
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    Bang & Olufsen Earset 2 Bluetooth headset

    The B&O Earset 2 has given me renewed value for my iPhone. Sound quality is very clear - so far, flawless in fact. Easy and intuitive to use and I also enjoy the fact that the device's design equals the cool factor of the iPhone itself. I'd like it more if I could plug the charging station into...
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    Showtime (1.1.4)

    Currently just video, no sound yet according to the Polar Bear Farm website. Does anyone here know how to get the license for Showtime (to get the unlimited recording time)? I'd be happy to donate, I just cannot figure out how!
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    What apps are good/useful?

    The truly useful applications I have found so far are:- 1. Search 2. SpringDial Both of these should really always have been built in I think.
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    iPhone is dead in the UK. RIP

    Same thing on the Apple online store.. not dead, just holding it's breath!
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    MacBook Air Parallels not compatible with MBA

    FUSION Fixed Fusion is fixed for the Air now. VMware Fusion 1.1.2 (Build: 87978)
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    Really unimpressed

    MMS... yes, a lot of more basic phones have this. That is what makes them basic. MMS is stone age compared to iPhone's email. Why complain here because everyone else uses under developed phones? Get your friends to upgrade to decent phones! That's what friends are for.
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    Higher resolution Pictures

    It seems to only make one link per file. I've tried it with multiple files but with no luck. If you find somebody with knowledge of running Perl Script in Windows they might be able to help get it going on your PC.