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    Aesthetic question...

    3D Etchings!"! I want lush 3d etchings or some kind of hologram effect What do people think of that? :2cool:
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    Tom Tom Sat Nav

    :-) Hey dude are you the admin? lol Its nice to see ya opinion on most of the posts I make :laugh2: Where abouts ya from buddy? Hope to hear from ya soon Safe :laugh2:
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    100 Gig?

    100gb ! I think that 80gb is plenty I have a huuuge choice of mp3s, and I haven't managed to use the full capacity! What does 100gb equate to as 128kb/s mp3's Assuming the average track length is about 3.5 mins Do people see ipods as a life long purchase, as I could quite happily take a...
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    Tom Tom Sat Nav

    Will this become available for the iPhone perhaps maybe a bluetooth link to a gps? Or do you think Navman or another company might produce something similar? Ive seen on the Apple website that there is a mention about maps? Can anyone shed any light on this?
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    Has Apple Pulled a fast one on the OrangeMan?

    UK providers Does anyone know which uk networks will be providing connectivity? Many thanks Tom:laugh2:
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    What kind of music do you listen to?

    !hardcore! I love to listen to anything hard and fast. Mainly freefall hardcore, and love a bit of drum and bass! Uk grimes pretty good, especially Kano and dizzee Who heres into uk hip hop? Peace out
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    !UK! I'm from the uk too, and was wondering if you had any info on the price of the uk iPhone, and also wanted to know if it will only be Apple stores will be selling it or if it will be open for traders to purchase in bulk? Look forward to hearing from all uk members Tom
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    Uk Network Providers?

    I really need to know which uk network providers will be selling/providing network and wireless connectivity for the iPhone Any help would be much appreciated :) Oh yeah and does anyone have any ideas as to the costing of the iPhone when released to the uk? Thanks Tom :)
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    What stuff are you gonna get with the phone?

    Cool extras I really want to get a plush docking station, and perhaps if bose bring out another docking station i would go with theirs, or perhaps a converter? Blue tooth headset to listen to tunes is a defintite And a nice protective case I do not want the screen cracking ever!
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    You guys are gonna love this!

    Very nice My money is still definitely with the iPhone A much much cooler brand, and far nicer to enjoy music through. Apple will defintely take the lead as they have as very tight grip on the market, and have the coolest brand going at the moment Whats peoples thought or estimates for...