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    iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Photos

    taken at the ruins by my house. 6s
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    iPhone 6s Apps gaining support for 3D Touch

    I like the fact that touch is integrated into the timeline. I like the stock app but the missing options when inside the app killed it for me.
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    iPhone 6s 64 GB or 128 GB?

    I went with the 128g and so glad that I did. I find myself taking more photos and videos knowing that I'm not gonna have to transfer them off like I had to even on my 64g 6+
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    Seriously considering leaving the iPhone

    Of course I don't know what state you're in but if you're in Arizona that helps.
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    Seriously considering leaving the iPhone

    Straight talk in Arizona supports the iPhone if you eventually pay off yours you can get one of their Sim card kits. It's cheaper and runs on Verizon towers. We had them but switched back because my husband got a discount through his work and I wanted the 6 plus on edge.
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    Are you using Touch ID more or less since you got your iPhone 5s?

    I use it exclusively on the 5s and my 6 plus. I love it.
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    Who let the dogs out?

    Layla watching the work phone for me.