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    Poker Odds Calculator app

    it would be so amazing if anyone came up with a way to do this
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    Poker Odds Calculator app

    I know there's a lot of Texas Hold 'em Poker fans out there. On my computer when i play online i use an odds calculator that tells calculates pot odds, with the likelihood of what my opponents might be betting with. Does anyone know where/ or how i can download this app to my iPhone if it exists?
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    So Can We Get Ringtones After the Latest Update?

    I guess the question everyone has is: Can we Still put custom ringtones on our phone after the Apple update. I think its just a matter of time until someone new finds a way to bypass the Apple blocks and we can put ringtones on again. If anyone has any info im sure the rest of the iPhone...
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    keyboard freezes by emailing

    yes i know what you are talking about i get it all the time whether its texting or emailing but lately it stopped. make sure your iPhone is updated with all the updates and o yes i took off all my modifications to it and it stopped lagging. just restore it and then synch b/c ringtones that you...
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    HELP: My iPhone will not jailbreak anymore

    i think something is wrong with my phone. when i use ifuntastic to add ringtones i would jailbreak. but as soon as i get the yellow sign saying please connect to iTunes, jailbreak tells me it failed. my phone is connecting to iTunes but when i do restore, it says 5 minutes later after the whole...
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    Any Free Websites we can use to send free text messages?

    basically my question is the title. is there a website that lets users send and/or receive unlimited text messages using the web browser. this is kind of like beejive for aim, except instead of screen names it uses people's phone numbers. thanks to anyone who has any info.
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    Radio On iPhone

    DOES anyone know a website we can go on our iPhone to get radio reception. im thinking it would be cool if we can get live streaming radio am and fm on our phone. if anyone has any information i would appreciate it. thanks.
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    I need Help. i get an Error message

    yes i know what that means... its not good but jailbreak was ran incorrectly. you did something wrong, probably disconnecting while jaibreak was not finished connecting. you bricked your iPhone. try to get rid of that message because theres no way Apple will cover that under the warranty since you...
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    Anyone Have A Verizon Carrier Logo They Can Post?

    I am trying to mod my iPhone as much as possible, and one cool thing would be to show off a verizon carrier logo because many people will think its the real service. but the verizon carrier logo i have is a black box with the word verizon in it. it looks weird when you are on safari or anywhere...
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    where do i put services.plist i no longer use terminal. i use ifantastic for ringtones and carrier logo modifications.
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    hey thanks for replying. Now i know at least it not just me. Thing is i used both terminal and ifangastic and both give me the same head ache
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    My iPhone has only 300 megabytes on it after i added ringtones. everytime i restore the settings restore but i don't want to keep on adding ringtones everytime i restore. is there a way to bypass restoring and fixing the situation. in iTunes it says i have a total of 300mb to use, but thats...