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    Can I get Siri on my iPhone 4 running iOS 5?

    Nope iPhone
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    Am I Screwed, please help!

    I understand that it was reformatted. Was that reformatting done after you synced with iTunes If so yep your screwed. iPhone
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    Am I Screwed, please help!

    iTunes typically tells you it's backing up. Did you try restoring from last backup?
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    Try best buy picked up one today deptford NJ T
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    AT&T Sold Out Of Pre Order?

    I went to AT&T early this morning they procressed my iPhone 4 order and hit submit, that's when they told me that it could be up to two to three weeks possibly mid july before I get my phone. I stood there for an hour to reverse that crap. Check with a manager to confirm your pick up date.
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    iPhone 4 pre-order starts at...

    Apple site down :(( I guess I have to wait, no iPhone on launch
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    Win the iPhone 4

    I should win pretty please, I never win anything:))
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    Experiencing dropped calls in Kitchener on Rogers

    I think if we all continue to complain the 3g service they should be suppling will come, ATT rep said that they have too little towers and all are being over used by the newer 3g devices. complain complain save yourself $30 a month, until they fix it.
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    Experiencing dropped calls in Kitchener on Rogers

    Dropped Calls Spoke with ATT today about the enormous amounts of dropped calls, they apologized and said that if you turn off the 3G network and use edge when on a call the drop call issue will go away. and whe ue wish to use streaming of data use 3g. WOW they gave me $30 back this month on my...
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    [OLD] How to save 35% on the new iPhone using msn live

    BING live Legit I received my emal today telling me that my Bing cash for the purchase of 3Gs was available. I transferrred the monies to pay pal Yeah thank you:ok:ok