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    Who's getting the new iPhone? (Poll)

    I want more information from Apple on that processor before I would commit. They were very careful not to give out much info other than it is faster than the 4S. too many people are buying because of the killer CPU yet there are no details about it yet! Doesn't make sense to me...
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    Samsung Galaxy S III vs New iPhone

    The Canadian president for Samsung said the same for Canada (he was a bit vague but did say he didn't know if we would get the quad core version). I have an S2 and I do love the phone but what I don't like is the typing accuracy. When txting with the S2, the errors make your message unreadable...
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    Does anyone else have this problem?

    I had the same issues, had to get my provider to reset my connection and haven't had an issue since. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Xparent Purple Tapatalk
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    App that tracks data usage of other apps?

    Thanks Chris, trying it now...
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    App that tracks data usage of other apps?

    Does anyone know of a good app that will track data usage of other apps? I seem to be using a lot of data on my iPad but I don't feel I am doing much. 2.6G in three weeks seems excessive to me!
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    Does anyone else have this problem?

    I have the same issue. When not in an LTE area, I have to turn off LTE as it says I have strong signal but can't connect to anything. Very annoying!
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    LTE Switching to 3G

    My new iPad is having issues switching from LTE to 3G. When leaving an LTE area, the display switches to Rogers 3G with 4 bars signal but I can't connect to anything. I have to go into settings and turn off LTE or I can't connect. Is anyone else having issues switching?
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    Anyone having problems with certain chargers with the new iPad?

    The new iPad requires a charger capable of outputting 10 watts or 2Amps of current. Most PC's and Laptops can not produce this amount of wattage and thus won't charge your iPad. I have found a 1AMP charger will sustain the power but struggles to actually charge the battery. There is nothing...
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    Does anyone know if you can insert punctuation when using dictation?
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    Is your iPad getting hot?

    Mine gets warm when charging but I wouldn't say it is getting hot.
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    The I just got my iPad Thread

    Well this is my first iPad and I love it. This morning we ordered another one. My wife has been playing with it too and I started to notice she was loving it too! So much easier to use compared to a laptop. We have been texting with our daughter and the best part is, we haven't had to use the...
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    How's everyone enjoying there new iPad ? :)

    I am new to iPad so have nothing to compare to. In short, I love this thing! Screen is awesome, features are incredible and ease of use is designed for me!
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    The I just got my iPad Thread

    Anyone try the dictation yet? Seems to work very well. No mistakes in my first email test.
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    Does your iPad 2 case fit the new iPad?

    I bought the ZaGGfolio that was advertised for the iPad 2 because the sales guy said it would work and it did. Comes with Bluetooth keyboard for note taking. Works great!
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    The I just got my iPad Thread

    Well, I finally get to join this somewhat elite group! I am loving this thing. It is my first iPad and I find runs very clean, nice screen, fast and very easy to use. Surprised that my new Tecra Laptop can't charge it though!