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    Best and most inexpensive way to replace a stolen iPhone

    if you are going to use the 3rd line anyway, add a new line. tell them at the att store that you want the iPhone to have the old number on it. you can buy a cheap go phone to use for the new line. that way, you never have a data plan on the new line. my 3G went into the washing machine...I...
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    What are the additional costs for MMS?

    the only 2 i sent was on WIFI
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    The MMS Complaints Thread!

    no complaints i tried the carrier update last week, tried it a couple times, didn't work, let it go just downloaded the real carrier update, worked the first time with WIFI on, let it go, cool to have and will probably use it some, but enough to complain and gripe about on to the next one
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    AT&T offers their version of Friends & Family

    You are correct. I called customer service and asked. It will help us a bunch because my stepdaughter calls one number almost 200 times a month thanks for your answer
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    AT&T offers their version of Friends & Family

    I have the 1400 minute Family Talk, but it only costs $80.00 does this mean I won't qualify for this?
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    MMS is out right now

    in Charleston, WV, so maybe we don't get it until later followed all the steps, changed all the settings, rebooted the phone, sent a picture text....Red exclamation mark Had a friend send a picture to me...go to if there is an other fixes, let me know, but the 25th will...
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    Icons changing for no reason

    The past few days, app icons are changing the picture that should be on them. They are even having the pictures of apps I have deleted. I have done a full restore, but it is still doing it. Any ideas why, and how to fix it Thanks
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    Lawsuits filed against AT&T and Apple MMS

    is texting a picture REALLY that important? I will use the feature when it is available, but, come on, a lawsuit? try an experiment..throw out the iPhone, use another phone that has MMS. now that you can text a picture, is it as good as an iPhone. No, it's not. ATT should cancel the...
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    Help! Dropped my iPhone in the toilet

    There are 4 water markers on iPhone, 2 are on the inside
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    So, what is the status with MMS?

    well, i can tell you from experience, there is nothing quite like losing a crappy Part Time job because you posted something on your Facebook page. Classic stuff
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    Sad Story....

    i had one month out of the last 13 that my part of our Family plan was under $100 because i took my 3G data plan off when my phone was killed. because of that, i was not eligible for the full discount. and no amount of complaining will change their mind. if I had continued to pay for a 3G...
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    I love AT&T!

    i like ATT for the roll over, and their coverage in my area is great. However, I think that their Customer Service is attrocious, both in store and online.
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    Upgrade eligibility question?

    The latest information I got from the almighty ATT is that because I am not using my iPhone, and I cancelled my iPhone data plan, I do not qualify. I cancelled my data plan on May 22, so I have only had 1 month that my bill wasn't over the magical $100. The solution to me from ATT about...
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    Upgrade eligibility question?

    ATT is allowing people to upgrade to new 3Gs, but when I check, it says I'm eligible in Janurary. So I read more info on here, and see it is based on a bill of over $100.00. I had 3G, which was tragically put in washing machine in May. After that, I cancelled the data plan because I went back...
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    iPhone went into washing Machine

    A new update A couple things from above doesn't smell nice, the fabric softner had not been added yet:tounge:. Well, after letting it set for another week, plugged in, I turned it on this morning. The screen was still really dim, but the home screen came up. I went to settings...