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    Will Apple store swap 3G with horrible 3G problems ?

    It was a simple question without any whining Please read my post again before posting ignorant comments. I did no complaining. My 3g is much worse than others, just wondering if the store would replace. If you have no insight towards actually answering my question please don't post a reply...
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    Will Apple store swap 3G with horrible 3G problems ?

    Have done all oif that Thanks, I have done all of the resets, restores, cold power downs ... None of it helps, just wondering if the store would swap with a new one if they have them.
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    Will Apple store swap 3G with horrible 3G problems ?

    I bought my white 3g on launch day. I have never been able to talk in 3g mode for more than five minutes without having severe dropouts. Love the phone other than that. Just wondering if Apple would do a swap out at the store ? Have heard conflicting information on this. I do realize that a...
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    3G has terrible signal

    More oncerned with voice quality/useability than number of bars I also only have two bars on 3G in Northern CO versus five on Edge. I don't care though ... Voice is crystal clear on 3G, best quality voice I have ever had on a cell phone, with no dropouts. Why would anyone care how many bars...
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    When will next iPhone update come out?

    Soon because of tiff exploit Actually, I'm surprised that they haven't already come out with one since 1.1.1 just to fix the tiff exploit. Yes, this would be viewed by many as another attempt to make jailbrake more difficult, but as it stands right now, 1.1.1 is a prime target for people with...
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    With 1.1.1 going down, What will Apple do to make people upgrade again

    With an easy to use (and documented) 1.1.1 jailbrake procedure seemingly just around the corner, it looks like Apple will have to patch things up and release some new features to give people a reason to upgrade from 1.1.1. To me, this is one of the best things (besides the obvious) about the...
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    cannot downgrade firmware

    Just downgraded mine back to 1.0.2 I just downgraded mine down to 1.0.2 this morning. I just performed steps one and two from No guarantees, but it worked great for me. I'm back at 1.0.2 with AppTapp installer.
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    volume tooo lowww

    First GSM phone ? My experience has been that 1.1.1 is a little louder, or perhaps just more consistant in terms of the volume level. Although the iPhone is by no means a loud phone, my experience with a half a dozen or so phones on CDMA and GSM networks has shown that the CDMA phones are...
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    Screw Apple! They Are Ruining A Wonderful Device For Profit!

    How do you like the painfully long bootup with Vista ? Have you tried doing a full shutdown in Vista rather than the default standby ? If so, how do you like the way it takes an eternity to bootup even with all the extra services disabled. Vista has set Microsoft back by at least six...
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    If I were Mr. Jobs ...

    Who is "beyond retarded" now ?
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    1.1.1 and unlocked iPhone still on AT&T

    Require an update or you can't use your phone Actually, what I meant was that they could have something in 1.0.x that at some point in the future just says "warning, you have xx days to update your firmware or your iPhone will no longer function". If they are really into seriously...
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    1.1.1 and unlocked iPhone still on AT&T

    Now that does surprise me I am surprised that they would render a registered (but unlocked) phone useless. Part of me thinks that they will release a way for you to recover your phone, but on the other hand that would give hackers one more helpful piece of code, so maybe not. I know...
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    1.1.1 and unlocked iPhone still on AT&T

    What happens if you put original (non registered) sim back ? I know that at best you would have to register with AT&T, but what does your phone do if you put the AT&T sim back in ? I assume that iTunes would then prompt for registration with AT&T. Am I correct, or has Apple done...
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    1.1.1 and 3rd Party Apps?

    Update works fine, but all 3rd party apps are gone My update went pefectly, but all third party apps (including the installer) are now gone.
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    How much do you want cut and paste ?

    Given that there has been so much discussion surrounding the need for cut and paste on the iPhone, I wanted to get a feel for what percentage of people really miss this functionality.