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    Any suggestions

    I currently have the 16GB iPhone that i can easily sell for 300 to 350 on craigslist. But here is my problem when i log onto it is saying that i have to pay 599 for 16GB and 699 for 32GB. I really want the new one i just don't want to pay almost 700 dollars for one. should i go to a att...
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    iTunes and iPhone apps?

    Ok im going to try and explain the best i can. Say i have a mobile me account which is my iTunes account also, that i purchased apps on my iPhone and iTunes with and i want to switch everything i purchased from that account to my new mobile me account. how can i go about doing this. i don't...
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    How long did you wait in line for iPhone 3G?

    i waited 37 1/2 hours first in line at the AT&T store in winter garden, FL. i was also on the news twice and the radio once..... AND IT WAS WORTH EVERY HOUR!
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    trip to the genius bar!

    yes they said the app IMO. Whatever that is. LOL I just looked at him and prettended like I had that app
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    trip to the genius bar!

    well i took a trip to the bar today, since i have been having some issues with my iPhone. i noticed that when they plug it into there mac they can see what programs are making your phone act weird. i just wanted to know what kind of program that is? or if it was something in iTunes since that is...
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    as Bill Gates.. i order you guys to purchase invisible shield form thank you.
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    i just got mine and it is amazing stuff! i does leave a little ripple but better than a huge bulky case IMO. plus you can show off the phone without taking it in and out of a case.
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    Could this be a problem!

    what? bill gates cant have a iPhone 3g?
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    Black or White ? What did you get and why.

    i got white. it looks better IMO
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    How long did you wait in line for iPhone 3G?

    i waited 38 hours and was first one to get it in central florida. i was on the new twice and radio a couple of times.
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    Could this be a problem!

    yes but when your in a dark room and you try to look at the screen all you see is the streak of light. which distracts you from the screen. just annoys me
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    Could this be a problem!

    check out this support discussion and see if you have the same problem. i know i do. do you think Apple will replace my phone?
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    invisible shield for 3G iPhone

    if you have ever used this product for the 1st iPhone how was it? does it affect the touchscreen anyway. does it make the phone look different? as i have seen in some videos, it makes the phone look sticky please just leave some reviews of the invisible shield. or if you don't think its good...
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    new site! help

    i try guys! well since im bill gates and all to tell you the truth i actually own stock in Apple and have seven macbooks haha