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    Deleting numbers from missed call list

    Don't cheat on your girlfriend and you don't have to worry about it.
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    POLL: Are you satisfied with Apple's good faith $100 Store Credit

    I am thankful, I really do feel better about the situation.
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    iPhone only gets charged 300 times before battery dies?

    sounds like you could have a bad battery, unless you're watching movies and web surfing all day....
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    iSkin Revo

    I too love my revo.....although when I first got it the red earpiece part wouldn't stay straight, but it seems to have "relaxed" over time and now is nice and straight. Also my screen guard fits pretty snug.
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    Sports Scores

    When on edge, use (the m being for mobile). Make sure you go to settings at the bottom of the page and turn on the "format web pages for your phone" option. then go to your favorite site using the search function, bookmark it, and you should have much faster results.....there is a...
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    who would replace their own battery?

    I took apart my Xbox360 (before they extended the warranty to 3 years)and fixed it........I am already intrigued by the idea of replacing my own battery for $30 bucks, so it will probably happen, I just hope it won't be for another 2 or 3 years. And by then I will most likely be more willing to...
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    Is anyone starting to hate their iPhone?

    I feel lucky..... I think the iPhone was made for people like me. I rarely use it as a phone. To me its a really cool video ipod/web browser that just happens to be a phone. Here is an example, I ride my bike for transportation and recreation and I like to listen to tunes while I ride, this...
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    Alternative to stock earphones

    those look pretty nice, I hope the mic is decent too.......I might have to get a pair.
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    iPhone in car - belkin adapter a no go...

    Not true, I trimmed back the plastic on my 5 year old "tape one" plugged it in and was rocking on my stock 88 Honda Accord tape deck.