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    Safari Kicks Me Off every Minute or so

    Happening to me, too. "Genius" recommended a restore, but expects an Apple update soon - he seemed very familiar with the problem.
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    This phone is friggen awesome!!

    Loving it. Safari is a blast. Favorite thing so far- multi-touch interface Least favorite - screen smudges easily
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    AT&T vs. Apple Store

    This is a legit AT&T-owned store. It's buried underneath the stairway to the food court - the worst location in the mall, very hard to find. And it is tiny. But it will be getting iPhones on Friday.
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    AT&T vs. Apple Store

    The mall near me has an Apple store and a small AT&T store. I was going to take Steve's advice to Arianna Huffington and go AT&T, but now... The AT&T store is buried in the mall, and it is tiny. I can't imagine it will have nearly the line of the gleaming Apple store upstairs. But...