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    MobileMe File Sharing from iDisk?

    i don't have this option either...i don't think anyone will be a joke if they don't have this feature anymore...thats the whole reason i shelled out 99 bones...
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    Facebook fully functional?

    how do i see someones wall or write on it? i cant even see all of someones pics...does anyone know how i can see what events there are or how to even add or delete a friend? it seems to me that this app sucks balls and the webapp is 10000000000000000 times better.
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    Facebook app working for anyone?

    i also am not able to connect to facebook through the native app..can't wait for it to start working though..seems a lot more robust that the webapp...
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    How do I sign off AIM?

    im having the same problem..not sure what the deal is here...but this app sucks IMO...not ready for distribution at all...
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    Easier 1.1.1-to-1.0.2 downgrade method uncovered...

    i am an att customer that unlocked and modded my phone w/ 1.0.2. Then 1.1.1. came out, and i wanted to check out the new features, and all of the Apple threats were getting to me. so what i did was buy a new iPhone, and sell my 3 month old used unlocked one with the accessories that came with...
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    how do i do a virgin restore

    you don't need to worry about the restore...but when the new firmware comes out, it will do a restore if you want to do it now you can, it doesn't really matter. people who have unlocked their phones (i.e. they have flashed the baseband), need to do a virgin restore, using the...
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    how do i do a virgin restore

    i used that turorial to "virginize" my phone, and it worked perfectly. I had previsouly unlocked my phone with anySIM and modded with 3rd party apps using iBrickr. These Apple warnings about unlocked phones and bricking problems with the new updates, made me change my mind and try to relock my...
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    successful unlock and mods - AT&T customer!

    nope...just install a pxl package using iBrickr, and run the app on your hardware mods at all...just software..
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    successful unlock and mods - AT&T customer!

    you have to do a virgin restore: once you do that, you have to go through the entire unlock process again. this is what i did: you are getting that error, because you tried to unlock more than...
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    successful unlock and mods - AT&T customer!

    i was able to successfuly unlock and mod my iPhone using anySIM, AppTap, and iBrickr. The whole thing was very easy, and I ran into no problems. I tested it with a prepaid tmobile sim card, and everything works like a charm. no more international roaming! those rates were a joke. Now I can...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    mine is super basic...i like the stock look..just changed the carrier logo and added 3rd party apps.
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    App.Tapp (PC) not working with iTunes and 1.0.2 firmware?

    you need to install the summerboard app from the installer...then also restart your phone after installation by holding the home key and sleep/wake key down for about 5 secs till the Apple logo appears...
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    all iPhone app. !@$#woah

    its as easy at it looks..i did it today in under 5 minutes..pretty amazing...
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    can't connect to iTunes store?

    figured out the problem..for some reason, the date on my computer had changed to sept 26th...when i changed it back to today, everything started working again..very least its fixed..thanks for the relpies...
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    can't connect to iTunes store?

    anyone having problems connecting to the iTunes store through iTunes on a pc or mac? Mine wont connect and gets an unknown error. maybe the update is on the way? at least i hope so..would suck if its just me with this prob...