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    Video Playlist

    I too have the same question...i want to be able to plug my iPhone into my Pioneer DVD headunit and just have a playlist of my music videos so i can just hit shuffle and all my music videos play...much like a music playlist...i found this thread and I was wondering if anyone has done this and...
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    SlingPlayer Mobile Now In App Store!

    really stupid question...and i figure the answer will be yes...but with the sling app i assume that is considered data transfer?..the only reason i ask is im going out of the country for my honeymoon, and thought that sling would be better then taking a laptop loaded with movies, if i can watch...
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    3.0 beta 3 is out

    anyone know y mms is working and not on mine...?
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    3.0 beta 2 gets jailbroken

    logical...they're prob useing the beta's to start to reconfigure the apps so they will in fact run smoothly on 3.0 but don't want to release till its out to the public...they figure y make some devs and testers happy when we can wait and make everyone happy
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    HTC Touch HD and iPhone 3G

    I was a iPhone doubter when the V1 came out...then I sucked it up and got a 3G...and will NEVER buy anything but an iPhone ever again
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    Official 3.0 Beta bug list

    not here...only phone bug i have is after making a call the volume adj pop up, pops up for a second then fades...
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    i'd like to go on record and agreeing that video chat would be awesome but i think they need to get video recording off the ground first...which (i forget who posted) said they would prob hold out video chat till 2010...which is for the looks awesome, but i tend to feel...
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    Official 3.0 Beta bug list

    idk what i did...if anything...made three phone my apps wont open...they open then immediately crash...restarted three times...same problem...did the ipcc update last night to get mms working (which i did) no problems last night at all, or this morning...maybe its related idk...
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    Charge your iPhone battery got fooled...hahaha...sry couldnt resist
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    iPhone 3.0 MMS on AT&T

    sry cant post screenshot
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    iPhone 3.0 MMS on AT&T

    worked great for a pc user...dl'd the ipcc file(see post 34), shift click check for updates, change file from ipsw to ipcc clicked open it updated...went from 3.5 to 5.0...restarted...went into settings and changed the user name and password(see post 233) restarted...stole my fiance's...
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    Official 3.0 Beta bug list

    restored from back up...and the pics were already there...took a screen shot and it didn't even show up in the camera roll or if it did it too was may have to do with i was running jb 2.2 before upgrading to 3.0 (went to 2.2.1 first then to 3.0...but im missing the icons i had turned...
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    got ya...i did a little studio stuff but i love the rush of live...

    got ya...i did a little studio stuff but i love the rush of live...
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    Official 3.0 Beta bug list

    haha...bunch of vampires or other creatures of the night...although there was that ghost two nights ago...:2cool:...and no my finger wasn't over the lens either...hahaha
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    Official 3.0 Beta bug list flash...haha...i just open the camera roll and every place there should be a pic its just black tried to restart a couple times didn't help