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    iOS 10 Beta 1 lags and freezes on IPhone 6

    Has anyone had similar issues ? I've installed iOS 10 Beta 1 on my iPhone 6 and it's lagging and freezing at least one a day and occasionally I have to hard reboot my I device and also noticed it drains my battery quite fast opposed to iOS 9.3.2 and some apps either crash or do not work in iOS...
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    iOS 8 bugs

    No issue with iPad having iOS 8 or iPhone 5s on same iOS but apparently iPhone 5 is playing up when opening apps i.e.- Facebook takes like 10 seconds. Sent from my iPhone 5s using iCafe Forums
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    5s Battery Drain Issues

    I have a slight issue with mine but not entirely sure. Every now and then after having my iPhone on charge throughout the night, it takes me about 2 minutes to get downstairs and by that time my battery drops down 3 percent. Would that be an issue with battery? And I'm a bit puzzled about charge...
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    iPhone 5S Rumors

    That's a big relief :) thanks chris :) Sent using iCafe app
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    iPhone 5S Rumors

    So is the iPhone 5s gonna have a plastic case instead of a iPhone 5 case ? I've just read some articles stating iPhone 5s will come out with a plastic casing with a dual core processor and 8 megapixel camera? Are these rumours or is it true. I'd b really dissapointing. Sent using iCafe app
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    VOB to m4v Converter?

    Handbreak don't recognize VOB files . Only Mkv files . Unless one owns a mac which I guess has a lot more options than pc handbreak version . Sent from my iPhone 4S using iCafe app
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    Lock button issue.

    I've never had any issues locking my 4s; the only issue was the speaker not making the shutter tone upon locking and not ringing even after restoring via iTunes . It's sorted itself out apparently . Sent from my iPhone 4S using iCafe app
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    Where's everyone from ?

    I'm from Romania but living in England for about 6 years now; worked as a babysitter(aupair) for about 4 years and now I'm a support worker :) . Sent from my iPhone 4S using iCafe app
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    Out of contract unlock via iTunes?

    You don't needed to sync. iTunes only needs to recognize your iPhone then it'll reboot on its own and the unlock is done. If course you do this only after your operator sends u a text with confirmation that your request has been processed and you can connect your iPhone to your pc or mac. They shud...
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    Out of contract unlock via iTunes?

    Well if you JB your iPhone. I'm on three UK . Recently unlocked my iPhone 4S but the only thing the 3ppl asked me was just to connect my iPhone to my PC obviously iTunes open. But it didn't restore or asked me to press restore. My iPhone is not JB though. I think it only needs to be seen in...
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    iPhone stuck in DFU mode, can't restore, error 28 on iTunes, HELP!

    No I wasn't I think It was 1034 or something . It was about 2 years ago though. I've upgraded since . But I don't think will do any harm to give it a try.
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    iPhone stuck in DFU mode, can't restore, error 28 on iTunes, HELP!

    Try recboot on a mac or iMac . When I had a 3G stuck in recovery mode I've tried countless times to exit recovery mode on a pc n it didn't work. Then I've tried on an iMac and it work like a charm .hope this helps.
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    iPhone reboot by itself

    Use flex player instead . I've watched lots of films with that and my iPhone4s didn't reboot not even once :)
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    What was your phone before the iPhone?

    Nokia 5800
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    ringtone while on the phone

    Is is when u on the phone? If thats the case u cant change anything its the case for all phones. I.E. today spoke to my operator to change my billing address and to send me charges if using my phone abroad and i heard the beeps in the headset. Everytime i get a txt while on the phone same...