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    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    I would like the Verizon iPhone 4 because a) I have been unhappy w/ AT&T service for a long time and b) It would be great to have the added features of iPhone 4 like Facetime.
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    I placed my iPhone in my pocket and it made an outgoing call, how can I aviod this?

    That happened to me once too. Kind of embarrassing!
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    What is wrong with the Piel Frama website?

    I am trying to order an iPhone case with the snap closure. But most places I click on don't link anywhere. I can only select a red case (which is not what I want). Also there is no email to contact them. I was using Safari 3 web browser but the same thing happens even using Firefox. Any...
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    Wow! Just got email from AT&T about WiFi store!

    Apparently ATT is just announcing the iTunes Wifi music store. When did that come out, like three months ago? :angry: Did anyone else get this lame email?
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    Passcode questions

    I just started using this feature and have a couple of dumb questions. What is the point of a time delay on the passcode? Makes sense to me to set it for "immediately". Why would I want to set it for 4 hours, for example? If you have a passcode set, do you have enter it in order to answer...
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    Leopard Confirmed Release Date

    And don't forget education discount gets it to you for $116. :laugh2:
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    Deleting videos - where is option?

    Oh okay, thanks. Glad it's not some glitch on my phone. :smile:
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    Deleting videos - where is option?

    Yeah I'm on 1.1.1. My phone is not modded or hacked.
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    Deleting videos - where is option?

    After a tv show or video finishes on my iPHone, it just takes me back to the video list. I no longer get the prompt to delete the video to save disk space. While I realize you can simply swipe your finger and delete in the list, I am wondering why the dialog box no longer appears. Any ideas?
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    Update Killed My iPhone

    My roommate's 4G iPhone crashed on update install. Had to hard boot twice. Now has to do total restore!
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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    Downloading now. Taking a while since everyone's downloading. I'm disappointed that there is no improved functionality for iCal and Notes, and particularly that we still cannot compose emails with a landscape keyboard. :frown:
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    Has anyone got the $200 credit from Amex yet?

    Got an AMEX credit I got a credit for $108.25. This plus the $100 credit from Mr. Jobs puts my iPhone purchased on 6/29 at $399. :laugh2: Here's what the email said: ?"Thank you for choosing American Express Card for your purchases. Your recent claim with American Express does not fall...
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    Apple iPhone Bluetooth vs Jawbone?

    I got the Apple headset and was disappointed by poor sound quality, poor signal strength and static. I bought the Jawbone and have been very happy with it.
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    When is the iTunes wireless store coming to our iPhones?

    Well I'm annoyed that the iPod Touch already has access to the wifi music store but iPhone owners don't. What sense does that make? :mad: