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    Maps unable to connect to internet

    Greetings Everyone...; For some reason my Map App is unable to connect to the internet. Running IOS 8.4 now running IOS 9. Same thing.. Cannot connect to the internet! I am now glad I have Google Maps instead. Not sure whats going on with it!
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    No service on Vodafone UK in some areas?

    My guess is that where your dad works is perhaps a fringe area of coverage for Vodafone. Generally speaking where I live in USA my coverage with my carrier is great, but there are "dead spots" where the coverage is iffy. Best Bob
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    Battery suddenly drains on iPhone 6

    I had a issue with my IP6 as well. I had done my last backup to the Cloud on March 2nd. I did add a new app, Nike+Fuel about a week later. Also my keychain was pending . I normally get 8 to 10 hours use then suddenly went to 4 hrs with 10% battery remaining. I did a reset of everything and...
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    iMac Picked up my New iMac from Apple Store!

    Greetings everyone! My new IMac arrived today!!!! Received e mail while I was at work. Got home all set up! Getting used to the new operating system, will catch on quick. Loving it! Best Bob
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    iMac Ordered my 1st iMac!

    Thanks Kadelic! I have used other IMacs before and dreamed of getting my own someday! I am looking forward to it! Best Bob
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    iMac Ordered my 1st iMac!

    Greetings everyone! Ordered my 1st IMac!!! A bit nervous to be honest, lot of money for me! Ordered the 21.5" 2.9 I5. Ordered 16 Meg's Ram and 1 T Fusion Drive! Can't wait to pick it up!
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    iMac Need advice new iMac

    Thank you both for your thoughtful insight! Not sure which way to go at this point, but I am learning! Thanks Bob
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    iMac Need advice new iMac

    Greetings everyone! I am thinking of ditching my 6 year old PC and getting a new IMac!!! Looking at the specs on the Apple site, looking at the 21 inch with 2.9 I5. I would add one upgrade, either go 16 gigs ram or the fusion drive. My funds are limited, like most everyone's lol, but not...
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    Who would have preferred a 4" iPhone 6?

    I love my I6! I'll admit it took a bit of time getting used to after using my I5 for two years. I still have my I5, as a "back up" and the screen now seems so tiny! I did look at the 6 plus, I was like way too big! My I6 fits just fine in my shirt pocket at work, no one knows its there...
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    Upgrading to iPhone 6 or hanging on to the iPhone 5?

    I broke the "piggy bank" upgraded to a Space Gray I6 128 gig plus a Apple leather case. Love the phone! Very worthwhile upgrade!!! Still have my I5 as a backup, just in case!
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    Traded for Plus

    Hi Missy! Congrats!!! Great phone beautiful screen! I looked at them and I do understand the attraction to them! For me coming from a I5, I'm happy with my I6 just due to size. Again congratulations!!! I am sure it will serve you well! Best wishes Bob
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    Crazy or what ?

    Probably data usage from AT&T. Not sure what your data cap is.
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    iPhone 6 Plus battery stats

    My I6 will show usage and standby time after a 100 percent charge. If I reboot at anytime, it will show - -for standby and usage. Not sure why that is. I actually do remember that I could reboot and it would show usage and standby. Perhaps when I upgraded to 8.1.1? Either way, not a...
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    Health app how accurate is the pedometer?

    Just curious, anyone have any idea how accurate the Health App pedometer is? As well as stairs climbed? I love this app, not sure how accurate it is. Thanks Bob
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    This Accessory May Not Be Supported

    I had the same thing happen with my car charger on my previous Iphone 5. I unplugged it, put back in and it was fine. However my cable was in bad shape and replaced the cable. Yours, only 3 days old, I would return it to Apple for a exchange. BTW, I try to be very careful with that...