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    Receiving Calls While On Internet

    If you're on wireless then an incoming call will take priority... Apparently if you're browsing via Edge then calls will be sent to voicemail. I don't know if this was actually confirmed one way or another, but that has been a limitation of the data network in the past (calls don't come through...
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    Alarms are pissing me off

    Does anyone else's iPhone vibrate when the alarm goes off while the iPhone is connected to the wall charger? This is generally a bad thing, almost all phones will disable the vibrate function when something is plugged into the port... //B
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Link added to original post. Peace //B
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    - iPod touch Calculator icon - Custom Mail icon - Clock + MobileChat icon mods (can't be released...) - Camera and Photo icons from Louie Mantia's set //B
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    I didn't get stuck w/ a 2 year Contract...

    Apparently... So I bought my iPhone on day one, and like most people took it back to my house and activated via iTunes. Prior to activating, I was an existing AT&Tingular customer on a family shared plan (and the contract on my number was up). Today, I transferred out of the family shared...
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    Mail app is crashing when sending e-mail from Yahoo

    You sure you aren't talking about Gmail? This is definitely a Gmail issue, however this thread is specifically about a Yahoo issue. Sorry if I'm wrong though (but you should probably start a new thread for this really...) //B
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    Mail app is crashing when sending e-mail from Yahoo

    Yep, I've got the exact same problem... Also, incoming Yahoo mail doesn't seem to be near-instantaneous like one would expect for "push" email. It comes in usually 5 - 15 minutes late it seems. Anyway, sorry I'm no help, just verifying that I've got the problem described (and subscribing to...