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    Anti-virus needed?

    iOS is very secure and is closed source, reducing the need for anti-virus. Android is open source, thus allowing for users to download anything and everything, including apps that may have malware.
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    anyone want to share a screen shot of their homescreen+apps?

    What do you mean? :P Is that a good thing? :D
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    Delay in MC3

    Yes. It's possible it's just a bug. Try contacting the developers to see if they're aware. Maybe they can help you out a bit better.
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    Add a line for iPad?

    No problem. :)
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    Add a line for iPad?

    From The point is, the iPad doesn't have a cell phone plan, nor can it utilize one. Check what I bolded above. Plus, without a dedicated app for making phone calls, you can't make them. The iPad doesn't have a stock phone app so you'd need to download a calling app from the App...
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    Siri question - something not working

    Have you tried rebooting your phone? Siri wouldn't answer anything I said and after rebooting, it worked.
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    Add a line for iPad?

    You can't make phone calls on the iPad without a 3rd party app. The 3G iPad doesn't have a phone app.
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    Delay in MC3

    Could just be a game bug. What device are you using?
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    Add a line for iPad?

    Nope, no phone number, the line just entitles it to use 3G data. It requires a monthly payment just like a regular phone.
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    Bump in storage on iPad 3?

    I don't foresee Apple removing the 16GB version any time soon. It's such a standard storage amount and is perfect for a tablet entry storage amount. Some people want an iPad but don't need the 32GB. Maybe in the future, though, when there are more necessary things to fill up a tablet with.
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    Interesting ?

    That looks like the mouse for a Mac with a screen on it...
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    Do you guys use a case?

    I'm currently using a Speck CandyShell, although in the past I've used the SwitchEasy Capsule Rebel, Otterbox Defender and Commuter, Griffin Reveal, and the Belkin Essential 013, as well as the Grip Vue for my iPod touch 4G.
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    iPhone 4 Screen Shield

    Check out GhostArmor. I have it on my screen and it's great. No orange peel effect or blurriness.
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    Only complaint is that the Apple logo isn't covered. Hate seeing that get scratched up.