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    Unable to upload photos from iPhone to MacBook

    If your phone is Jailbroken there is a program for $4.99 called Photo Album+ It manages your photos allow you to move them & videos from album to album & allows you to have secret photo albums. Hope this helps it's information you can probably look this up on you tube & the firmware for this is...
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    AT&T or T-Mobil

    I recently gave someone my iPhone 4 which was purchased from At&T but they have T-Mobil how do they make the iPhone 4 work for T-Mobil
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    Watching online TV

    Is it possible to watch Tv shows or First row sports .Tv live online from the iPhone
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    Hating my iPhone, going back to Android!

    Going from the iPhone 4S to a Samsung is like going from the a Mayback to a Honda accord both are good but exceptionally speaking of you're a history person iPhone has paved the way so you could be able to own a less equivalent phone. iPhone has taught & brought this civilization to a point that...
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    iPhone update.

    All of them. He don't even pay it any mind. Once the jailbreak comes He said he will update everything
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    iPhone update.

    At Roof Monkey I have a friend who still has a iPhone 4 who didn't update His problem is It won't let him update any apps cause it says all the apps are compatible to iOS 5
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    BORED! iPhone 4s Help

    It's just a mater of time all in all all phones have problems but between the pros & cons which ones stand out? The new Androids being built now are focused on iPhones old problems & things people want in iPhone but overall Apple has been constant in providing all things above & beyond. It's ok...
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    Apple symbol that lights

    Yes that's seems to be about right Any idea when it will hit the states or if we can join their site
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    Apple symbol that lights

    The back panel that has the Apple symbol that lights up..only sold in the UK as far as i have seen has anyone seen or heard about this
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    iPhone 4S picture's file properties not compartible with Windows?

    Maybe if you save it on a portable hard drive in a folder then out it in your pc I had a problem with videos & purchased a program to change my mpeg format to Mp4