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    I can’t believe they invent it!

    what the?:confused::confused:
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    the BEST screen protector

    The Invisible Shield (the best in my opinion) is on sale now with an unadvertised special. They are all 50% off. So instead of being 24.95 they are now 12.48. go here:
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    Invisible Shield for the iPhone ON SALE

    there is an unadvertised special going on right now. . .iPhone and many other screen AND full body invisible shields, 50% OFF! So a Full Body Shield is only $12.48 instead of $24.95. Follow this link: It is the best shield on the market and now is the...
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    backing up notes and SMS

    several ways if your phone is jailbroken and you have Installer on it you can choose from a couple of programs that will do that. My favorite is WeTool and it allows you to delete your sms or save it to your notepad. As far as notes goes the only way I know has already been mentioned in...
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    What did you get with your Apple Rebate?

    I forgot, I also purchased a Belkin headphone adapter so I could use any line-out that I wanted to and don't have to deal with that STUPID, crappy recessed line out jack.
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    Apple store will NOT

    True, you can't use it for iTunes either. Here are the guidelines for using it: I took mine in and they used it like a giftcard so I guess that would be like using a giftcard to buy a giftcard. You could, however just print out the form...
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    What did you get with your Apple Rebate?

    I got mine today and went immediately to the Apple Store and got a Jawbone Bluetooth Headset. I did a lot of research because I really wanted the Apple bluetooth but all the sites said that the Jawbone was better. Oh well. There's a 30 day return policy!
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    Mobile ToDoList

    Mobile ToDoList Did anyone else see that on the installer the update is a reverted update back to 0.04? I did it and it took away the different categories and the cool look and feel it had. I assume they are reverting to make a better update.
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    2 Requests please!

    take the one that's on there off and change it to what you want. Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.
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    Im lost

    Invisible Shield, best one hands down. It's a little pricey ($25.00) but has a lifetime guarantee against scratches and tears. If it ever scratches or tears they replace it for free for the lifetime of the device.
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    the BEST screen protector

    NO DOUBT!:laugh2: I've had 2 iPhones & 2 Invisible Shields (one for each). Never had a problem. Works better and is a better product than any of the others I tried.
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    New App!

    DockSwap allows you to change the dock image on your iPhone, FROM your iPhone. The app pulls images from /private/var/root/Library/DockSwap/ and then separate folder per category. So if you want them separated by Movies, Landscapes, etc, you would set up those folders within the DockSwap...
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    Sketches: finally an iPhone doodle pad!

    The developer says that it saves automatically but will erase when you exit the program or shake to erase. It locked mine up the first time but has worked fine since I powered down/up. If you don't have installer and use something else it can be found here...
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    I searched but could not find. . .

    Can anyone tell me where the photos are located on the iPhone? Can we copy/move them off using iBrickr or something else?
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    Poll: Does ANYBODY care about WiFi to iTunes?

    I LOVE the idea of just downloading a song I want to hear on the fly. . . When I hear a song on the radio I like, just DL it to my phone. That's great!