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  • Hey Buffy, how are you doing? How did the examinations go? I hope you're okay. Let me know how you're doing when you can, thanks a lot. Have a nice day and I wish you luck.
    Ouch on the Surgeries! Me too though. Left shoulder. Almost 100%.
    The movie is moving along, so that's good. Can't be finished soon enough it seems
    Glad to see you are still around!! Take care!
    What's happening Buffy? I never see you on here anymore! You sticking to just the off-topic section?
    Thanks, Connie! I hope you had a blessed Christmas with your family and are still with them today. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new year holds for all of us. I have high hopes. :)
    Hi Buffy!

    There have been so many other things going on! I've been checking in periodically, but haven't really found threads to post in.
    Indy!! It's so good to see you around again! You were scarce for a while, it seemed. Hugs to you!
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