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    IOS 9.3 on iPhone now required a SIM card

    My old ones have been this way for a long time. Any old sim will work, then take it out after "activation". Just remember to cycle messaging and face time off then back on to disassociate them with the phone number on the old SIM card.
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    iOS 9 Bugs

    Here's a new one for me, just started showing about 45 MILLION e-mails in my inbox. Literally, 45 million plus. Nothing really there but my twenty or so, just a false crazy number. Went away after a restart. Feel like a beta tester this time around.
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    iOS 9.0.2 Has Been Released

    I still can't restrict the kids from changing their cellular data settings. It shows locked under restrictions but has no effect. That's kind of an important one around here.
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    iPhone 6s iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Pre-order and Tracking

    AT&T site now shows "shipped". FedEx tracking number, 128g 6s gray in Texas.
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    iPhone 6s iphone 6s preorder

    AT&T app froze when entering payment. Of course. Had to go to AT&T full site. 128gb Space Gray 6s. Completed & got confirmation letter about 12:15, ships 9/24.
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    Possible to block Personal Hotspot?

    Thanks, I know how to turn off the data altogether, that is the current threat . I don't mind supplying MY kid with data, I just don't want to be the YouTube/Netflix hub for all his friends' iPods or tablets when no wifi is available. He knows better now, but it would be nice to cut the feature...
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    Possible to block Personal Hotspot?

    Not sure which area to ask this question. With AT&T, Mobile Data Share plans, is there any way to disable a child's ability to use "Personal Hotspot" on an iPhone 5? (5 gig in one night at a cousin's house....) AT&T says it comes with Mobile Share so they can't disable it. Not real pleased with...
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    Screen protector suggestions for iPhone 6?

    I have tried: 3 usually good Amazon brands, Zagg glass, & Zagg HDX. All have left about 1/32" - 1/16" of the protector not adhered along the edges of my iP6. So of course that fills with lint & dust. Have any of you had good luck with any protectors? I'm starting to wonder if I got an odd shape...
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    Screen Protectors and iPhone 6, 6 Plus

    Thanks, I'll try it.
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    Screen Protectors and iPhone 6, 6 Plus

    Just tried these protectors, too wide. This is the second set I've tried, first set were i-Blason. They were too wide also. The sides of both sets don't follow the curve, just float out there waiting for me to accidentally peel it up and suck lint under it. Someone mentioned Zagg, I may check...
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    My mobile version to track shipment still says pending, but the AT&T full site "My Orders" started showing "Shipped" yesterday a.m. You might check that if you haven't.
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    About 12:45 am 9/12.
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    My AT&T order changed to shipped w/ tracking. (128g gray 6) Fedex now shows "Picked up in Fort Worth Texas Sunday 9/14 @ 4:14 pm. Future delivery requested" "Left Fedex origin facility Monday @ 11:00 pm" "Scheduled Friday 19th delivery."
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    Massive 'Other' in iPhone 5's memory

    Check this: Settings, General, Usage. How much space is listed for e-mail? If it's a lot, delete the e-mail account(s) entirely, then re-setup the account(s). I had well over one gig of space taken by old, DELETED, e-mail messages. This is the only way I've found to clear it. Don't forget to...
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    iPhone 5s Tracking Thread

    Yep, that was me until Friday morning. Sent using iCafe app