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    multiple email accounts...

    I understand that the iPhone will have yahoo push email capabilities. My question is the following: acknowleding that many folks have multiple email accounts (perhaps one for businesss/professional use and another for personal use), will the iPhone have the ability to have multiple email...
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    iPhone Cases

    Great thanks for the info. We all will want to protect our newly bought treasures:smile:
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    iPhone Cases

    Any news or rumors if Apple or another company will come out with protective, self-adhesive covers for the screen (they make them for regular ipods) for the iPhone? I would hate to have my new iPhone screen all scartched up from use and such. But I'm a bit worried that a self-adhesive cover may...
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    I agree with you. I think Apple has invested serious money in this iPhone project and will do all it can to release a great product. I have some friends who are giving me grief about wanting to get the iPhone right away - I just think, even if I have a phone with bugs, it's better than any...
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    And how is Cingular these days?

    I was wondering about the cingular plans too. Will Cingular have new media/net packages for folks who have an iPhone?