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    Second iPhone as a GoPhone?

    What qualifies as "failing" the credit check? I called a few months ago and ATT wanted $300 security deposit. At the time, I did not realize I could get iPhone with prepaid service, so I did not buy. Would I "fail" the credit check during the activation process, allowing me to use prepaid...
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    HELP! I'm going to get the phone in an hour and i need this questioned answered

    You mentioned your brother was asked for a $300 deposit. So, does this mean that if you do not qualify for a $0 security deposit, you "fail" the credit check, and then will be eligible for prepaid service? I called a few months ago and they wanted the same from me, but I did not understand at...
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    Text Messaging--Mass Text Possible?

    This sounds like it might help.
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    Text Messaging Is Horrible!

    I don't know anything about this service but it sounds like it might help.