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    ID the actor/actress game!

    Gene Wilder...?
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    Wow, this one even takes it much further! Thanks for the link! Truly breathtaking.
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    Just saying'... :P
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    Which cat song do you prefer?

    I can't believe this is an entire thread, but I have to agree with Scott and Ray.
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    That, and they do have a mission, as well as a pretty strict timeline to get done what they set out to do. Can't wheel around checking out every little anomaly (apparently, this "arm" is half a centimeter tall).
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    I find the immensity of the Universe absolutely fascinating, and this picture is a reminder of that. I wish the picture was better quality. Does anyone know the names of the suns in the last few frames?
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    I thought this was pretty cool. This is what (in order) Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune would look like from Earth if they were as close to Earth as our moon (excluding all other factors).
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    Let's post some fun stuff here

    Well I never! :P
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    What games are you playing? iPad/iPhone

    Saw this and downloaded it. I hope you know I blame you directly for hours of lost sleep and wasted time. :P So addictive!
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    Not bad!
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    How can I clean melted chocolate from speakers on iPhone?

    A hair dryer might work to heat it, but BE careful. Too hot/too close and you could do damage. Or just take Docd's advice and take it to a professional. Always the safest bet.
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    Movie Name Chain

    Role Models
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    Anyone else eagerly awaiting Ison? I hope it's as spectacular as some are predicting, although a lot could happen in a year to change that.
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    Happy Birthday, Ray (Rugaby)!

    Happy birthday, Ray!
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    Treating a wet iPhone?

    I dropped mine in my dog's water dish about a month or so ago and left it in rice for 3 days. It had a few glitches at first but works 100% now. Mine was only in the water for maybe 2-3 seconds so I would follow everyone's advice re: a week since it sounds like yours was submerged for longer...