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    AT&T upgrade eligibility has changed

    Sorry if I'm missing something, but I'm still very confused after reading through this thread. I got my 3GS about a week after it came out, and my status reads: "You can take advantage of our no commitment pricing. Additional discounts may be available on 02/27/2011 iPhone Upgrade As a...
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    Apple OS 4 Event April 8th !

    Great news, thanks for posting this. Let's hope there's some tangible result from this event and not just talk. Leave it to Apple to always keep the good stuff coming.
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    Got mugged today...

    Sorry to hear about this, but it's better the iPhone than you. Good luck finding a way to repair the damage done.
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    iPad + iPhone 3GS...Time for MobileMe?

    To be completely honest, you would never really NEED MobileMe. I personally don't use it, but that's not to say I haven't been pressed by every Apple employee to purchase it. The nice thing about it, I guess, is that it brings everything together into a pretty convenient package. I'm not too...
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    That WAS a nice iPad

    Will It Blend- Pretty silly indeed. And somehow, oddly amusing. As the others said, it's simply a marketing tool for the blender. A slightly depressing and wasteful one, but one nonetheless.
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    iPad Forums Giveaway #2: $10 iTunes Gift Card Ends at 12:00 pm

    Might as well get in on this after so long. Thanks for the giveaways.
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    Right, you can only heed the numbers so much because they'll be different from different people. There's no getting around it, though: the 3GS is one of the faster phones out there.
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    Now I'm excited to try it, after hearing so much about the speed. I feel that Apple is getting closer and closer to the 'perfect' phone.
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    This iPhone fixes every last issue I had with V1 and 3G

    Right, I agree. The 3GS to me is a very worthwhile upgrade, especially from the V1 that I had been using. It may look like nothing on the outside, but what's inside is what counts for most of us.
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    I got my 3G S, if anyone has some pressing early questions

    I seem to have missed this figure-eight deal. What's up with that?
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    How many iPhone 3GS's are left?

    Yeah, thanks for the replies guys. What I meant by being able to tell is just that I could go to the store and see if there are any left, or call them up. I'll just have to check all the stores for a few days, and see what I can do.
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    How many iPhone 3GS's are left?

    Hey guys, I'm away on vacation so I can't see how many iPhone 3GS are left. I haven't seen anything to tell me on Apple's site, so I was wondering if anyone knows if they are sold out anywhere. Are there mainly 32GB or 16GB models left?
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    3GS giveaway... twitter problems?

    Hey guys, I didn't see any posts on this and I wanted to know if anyone else is having trouble with Twitter. I can't seem to access it all, and I just got online for the first time so I don't know if there's something wrong with it. Can someone let me know what's going on and if...
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    Should I sell my V1?

    I think I'll keep mine or give it to a friend. I don't know how much I would make and I don't want to go through the trouble of jailbreaking. Plus, I need a backup.
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    3.0 pleasantry

    Great to hear 3.0 is working well. Haven't used it yet but I'm looking forward to it.