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    Is iToner working for you anymore?

    Is iToner working for anyone? because it's not working on my iPhone anymore? So being a 3 Party App has it also fallen to the iTunes update? Thanks.
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    Used iToner, will my iPhone be bricked?

    I liked iToner and I used it a few times however I can't load any songs onto my phone using iToner so I am wondering if the iPhone update prevents iToner from working since you can consider this a 3 party app.
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    Placing a call: I get "Call Forwarding Active" Message

    I live in Charleston and my phone just started doing it now as it wasn't doing it before
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    Placing a call: I get "Call Forwarding Active" Message

    Mines stared doing it right after I switched from a GoPhone plan to a regular plan, I have done a hard re-boot and nothing worked. Has anybody done a restore with iTunes yet? I am as annoyed as everybody else about this :angry:
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    Warm/hot iPhone

    When my gets warm I like to stick in my pants:embarrassed:
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    Now maybe people will stop complaining:angry:
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    handbreak settings

    And I thought Ms Teen South Carolina was a doofuss:laugh2: But you're still fine.
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    Pay for ring tones?

    download iToner edit the mp3 with Garageband drag and drop, even more down load your favorite music from a Bit Torrent site.
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    Quite Possibly the Most Annoying Video Ever

    This proves how deadly crack can be to your brain, DAM what a waste of human flesh:tounge:
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset = Bad!

    The ear buds hurt my ears after prolonged use, not a wise choice.
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    CNN: "The Steve Jobs Master Plan: iPhone hacking"

    Fantastic point
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    Yeah this happen to me don't know when it happened, I don't know how to delete it either.
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    OMG dropped/lost iPhone off motorcycle.

    Man the force was definitely with you, I witnessed a simular thing happen to guy on a crotch rocket, his Blackberry fell off as he was flying on the road, phone skidded about 50 feet before it stopped, it wasn't damaged too bad I picked it up called one the numbers in his address book and a few...
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    A Better Calculator

    thanks for the great tips and info
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    A Better Calculator

    Am I alone on this one but I would to have the a better calculator on my iPhone, one with a % key or scientific calculation features. Maybe in the update.