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    Problem Updating podcasts via iPhone 3G

    You need wifi if the download is >10MB and you can only download FREE podcasts. If you subscribe to a podcast you pay for and iTunes requires a password you can't download direct to the iPhone (don't understand why, but that's the rule).
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    Purchased apps not working anymore?

    I had the exact same question/problem so I made the appointment and went to the Apple store. According to the "genius" at the Apple store, when talking Apps the word SYNC is not two way. If you are synced with your computer then go out into the world and download an app directly to your phone...
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    The 1 thing you HATE about the iPhone...

    Love the phone and am becoming increasingly reliant on it, but here's what I don't like. #1 gripe is that I can't save e-mail attachments to memory. Sometimes I want to see attached files when I'm flying....and when I see I have 4GB available it kills me that I can't put it to good use. #2...
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    Need advice on how to hand-me-down old iPhone

    It's on the top edge of the iPhone near the headphone jack. Use the end of a paper clip and insert with pressure in the small hole to pop the sim tray out.
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    Official WWDC 08' Keynote Live Updates Discussion Thread

    I didn't see anything about the rate plans for 3G. Anybody heard anything on that......I'd like to give my old phone to my wife and get the new 3G - wonder if ATT will have a discount rate similar the the $19.95 add-on for extra iPhones I currently have for my wife's RAZR.
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    How do i convert DVD to iPhone Works well, and you can convert ripped files from one format to another. But you have to buy it ($34.97). Why does everyone expect the work of others to be FREE?
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    BMW issues

    Great! I'm glad you got it working.
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    BMW issues

    As part of the restore process you are prompted to choose whether or not to use a Backup file that iTunes creates automatically. The Apple tech recommended not using the backup file. The backup file would have restored my e-mail settings, favorites, bookmarks, etc. The problem I had was the...
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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    Third hole at Ko'Olau....
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    BMW issues

    Mine worked fine with both our 2006 330i and 2004 530i for the first couple of weeks. Then the BT connection started dropping repeatedly after pairing. Behavior was the same in both cars - so it was the phone. After consulting Apple support and trying all of the resets with no help, a full...
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    iPhone DOES NOT WORK as advertized: Full refund in order

    Your gripe is NOT valid. My iPhone syncs with Outlook just fine - as it does for the majority of users, so your class action won't get far. Instead of whining and threatening lawsuits try doing a search and you will find numerous posts that discuss ways to get Outlook and your iPhone to sync...
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    Confirmed iPhone works with Alpine car stereo iPod hookup

    Mine did this a couple of weeks ago when I first tried it. I updated to v1.01 of the software yesterday and just tried the iPhone again with my 9885 and everything works perfectly. While connected all displays work except the iPod, which shows 'Accessory Attached'. There is about a minute...